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Join the Petition for Skype on the BlackBerry PlayBook


We have seen signs pointing to Skype coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook since January of 2011. We also saw it again in April of 2011 in another leaked slide. I actually heard from a few sources that the reason it never launched was because Skype wanted RIM to pay them to bring their video chat platform to the PlayBook and RIM declined sort of like what Verizon did with Skype and BlackBerry. RIM has had an interesting relationship with Skype where they actually developed a Skype BlackBerry smartphone app that even Skype called “very efficient” and then scratched it because carriers did not like it.

skype playbook mockup

Now we have a large clamoring of users who really want to see Skype on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Microsoft has now acquired Skype and they do not even support their own Windows Phone platform. A group of BlackBerry users have gotten together to appeal to Skype’s CEO and Vice President on February 1st to bring Skype to the BlackBerry PlayBook. You can join their appeal which started on CrackBerry forums on both Facebook and Twitter.

I wish you guys the best of luck! Hopefully we can turn the tide on this one now that RIM has a better relationship with Microsoft.

Thanks Phillip for pointing this one out!

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  1. Awesome idea! I’m in (and it’s even on my calendar)!

  2. Bring it already!!


    BlackBerry is known for messaging and communications. Video messaging is the next level. We need to take the PlayBook and other BlackBerrys there. Isn’t that why Microsoft bought Skype!

    RIM needs to step on this too. Let’s make it happen folks!

  4. Skype not only playbook but on phones as well else we will switch

  5. Expanding access to existing platforms is perhaps the most certain route to tablet success. The exclusivity nonsense that apple is pushing is not palatable to many users.
    A device that does not dictate to users what to do is a welcome change. RIM must allow the playbook to be like water. So including Skype is a given really.

  6. Please bring it on!

  7. This is a must for an awsome tablet like playbook and for RIM to get back on track.

  8. Skype & RIM, please make this a dream come true. I need Skype. I am a paying customer on Skype and not just a free user. I have been waiting for this for a very……. long time.

  9. I agree with Copinger that Skype should be available on the smart phones as well. Thanks.

  10. Can we have a Skype/Netflix dual purpose petition?

  11. On complaint about the PlayBook is that it doesn’t have “phone” capabilities, even when bridged to a BlackBerry.

    With video chat you can, but you need a bunch of friends who also have PlayBooks. Not even BlackBerrys can video chat 🙁 Sad! You don’t even have those friends you can call :((

    The fix? Skype, or some really popular VoIP & video chat service. Okay, Skype! I’m not even going to suggest an alternative because everything does Skype except BlackBerrys. My kids PSPs do Skype! PCs, laptops, XBox, iPhone, Android… Get the picture? Everything BUT BlackBerry! There is a bunch of folks I cannot communicate with that I need to. RIM must work to fix that!

    The PlayBook, especially, as a collaborative tool should incorporate services like Skype to foster joint projects and just simply reaching out to friends and family. Here’s a killer app for the PlayBook, RIM. Please make this happen!!!!

    • It would be awesome if Playbooks could video chat with devices so that you could chat/call basically anyone with a BlackberryID. Maybe that will come with BB10…

  12. Please give us Skype on the Playbook!

  13. for skype on Playbook simply open your browser and type in this address and you got skype, msn, yahoo messenger etc…simple simple simple!!!

  14. Yes – I’ve used Skype for years on the PC, and was very disappointed that my Playbook couldn’t have it.

  15. Please
    Let there be Skype on Playbook!!

  16. Are you people for real?? I have posted two messages on here that show you how to get skype on your playbook and yet more people are asking for skype on playbook. I give up..!!!!

  17. hi,
    we would be grateful if skype could be introduced for our bb as we are bb users and thats the reason for us to buy such expensive mobile, but alas it does not support skype wich to me was a waste of valuable money to purchase bb for my family, the ceo of bb should put his money where his mouth is and deliver

  18. i have accessed the FULL sype menu including web cam calling using IMO…so what is it you all are after?? skype is skype whether ported through IMO or not as far as I am concerned

    • How did you get it to enable you to make video or just calling in general?!! The IMO only allows the chat feature. No one’s complaining about the chat feature it’s the ability to call, especially for business to call clients via Skype when traveling internationally.

  19. I want to keep my Blackberry equipment as it is a well developed platform, quick and secure; and, Canadian! However, I have a SKYPE account I used extensively; therefore, if you will not bring SKYPE to the Playbook within a reasonable amount of time, I will seriously consider leaving RIM for a platform that includes SKYPE>

  20. if you will not bring SKYPE to the Playbook within a reasonable amount of time, I will seriously consider leaving RIM for a platform that includes SKYPE>

  21. Just do it, please.

  22. J’ai vraiment besoin de Skype sur ma BBplaybook, sans cette possibilité, la tablette n’est pas complète!

  23. I’m all in…yay we need Skype for Blackberry.

  24. Please can we have skype…pretty pls???!!!

  25. Let go already

  26. Love the playbook, but cannot leave without Skype (I am using it almost from the beginning, 🙂 )
    Hope do not have to give up anything.

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