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When Will RIM Give Devs Access to OS 2.0 APIs? (Email, Twitter, Contacts, etc)

PlayBook 2.0

I have mentioned before that I am really waiting for RIM to release the Cascades UI framework to developers but there is another milestone I am waiting for. BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 introduces things like Email, Contacts, Calendar, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. The thing is that RIM has not exposed any way for developers to manipulate or access that functionality from their applications. This is because both the beta OS for the PlayBook and the development tooling do not have this functionality enabled and documented.

The question is when and how will RIM expose it to developers? Will they get access to it when the PlayBook OS 2.0 launches in February? Will there be a follow up OS 2.1 that will give them such access or will RIM enable it in OS 2.0 and document the APIs later.

The reason this is so important is that these APIs are the lifeblood of the current BlackBerry OS. It is what allows a developer to manipulate or access your contacts, calendar, or even send an email. This is what RIM needs for BlackBerry PlayBook developers to create what RIM has dubbed “Super Apps” which are currently not possible on OS 2.0.

The big question is when we will see them…

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  1. I think their probably waiting for OS 2.0 to come out first.

  2. Good question 🙂
    Two of the most important ones being Push and BBM… It was a real let down to hear about all the BBM hackatons that were only available to smartphone devs just because RIM didn’t not give access to the API to the PlayBook devs.

    I’m betting that devs wont have access to any APIs before Q3.

  3. The delay in releasing the APIs for the core functionality is worrisome… just as the beta release not including the core functionality.

    Why is RIM holding back on this? My fear is because it still doesn’t work. Its only 3 weeks until Feb 17. I hope they don’t miss their dates (again) as that will not send a good message.

  4. I agree, without these API’s then whats the point of having a PlayBook when all the cool apps are on the Bold phones.

    You know what will be real cool is to have bridge API between PlayBook app and the BlackBerry App.

  5. What kind of things will be lacking?

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