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Official Bluetooth BlackBerry Mini Keyboard With Trackpad for PlayBook Coming Soon


We heard rumors that RIM was working on a wireless keyboard case for the BlackBerry PlayBook back in April of last year. Since then they have been very quiet on that front though I have been keeping an eye out for it. I was sent a slide deck by one of our sources who told me that the keyboard is now shipping to BlackBerry distributors and should probably be available soon. My guess is that it will coincide with the PlayBook OS 2.0 launch.

We also have more details on how the new BlackBerry Mini Keyboard works with the PlayBook. Here is a breakdown of the features listed:

  • Both a keyboard and a touchpad
  • Can last up to 30 days on a charge
  • Comes with a case that folds over your PlayBook
  • Multitouch touchpad with one finger left click and two finger right click (for remote desktop apps)
  • Mouse scrolling with two fingers on the touchpad
  • Charges via MicroUSB

Hopefully we will get a launch date and pricing soon! Check out all the slide deck for the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard below:

image1 image2

image3 image4

image5 image6

image7 image8

image9 image10

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  1. Can you blow up the pics so we can read them? Thanks!

    THis is cool 🙂

  2. wow

    thats awesome

    I wonder how thick it will be

    • I’ve seen the keyboard, and it is awesomely thin! Much thinner than a PlayBook. It has a micro-usb port like the PlayBook and it about as thin as that port.

      • I can picture that, pure awsome. Can’t wait for 2.0 and this. This really deserves to sell. it’ tough for RIM nowadays but 2.0 with Android player, hell it’ll be a great tablet.

  3. I hope your “source” can take some feedback to whomever put this together. It’s riddled with typos, mistakes, grammatical errors, and generally poor writing. They didn’t even capitalize BlackBerry correctly (at least some of the time), nor PlayBook. I hope it’s not directly from RIM… I counted at least 6 errors in the first thirty seconds reading it.

  4. I’m wondering if that USB port will be also be capable of not only charging, but as a host port as well (USB key, external devices etc…)

  5. If this is not much more bulky than the similar looking booklet case that Blackberry makes… I don’t see why one wouldn’t buy this…

  6. I just thought of something, will it come with Auto-correct?

  7. I love that you can usually always count on RIM to release high-quality, solid products like this.

    Everything from the wall chargers, to usb cables, earpieces and bluetooth products to devices themselves always feel & perform solid & that’s why I keep coming back to them.

  8. This a great one should get one.

  9. Good move, RIM! This will sell. Me FIRST 🙂

  10. Impressive, definitely looking forward to this.

  11. Will the keyboard have f-key functions?

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