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Rumored BlackBerry Roadmap for 2012/2013 With BB10 Phones & HSPA+ PlayBook


As usual you always have to take rumors with a grain of salt. I know for a fact that this latest rumor from the BoyGenius is not all inclusive for 2012 but it does give you a better idea of what is coming from RIM in 2012/2013. This rumor confirms previous ones that have a HSPA+ PlayBook with a 1.5Ghz processor coming in May/June. That is simply a slightly updated version of the current PlayBook OMAP4 processor that we mentioned previously. The BlackBerry London is supposedly coming in September along with a QWERTY Bold in December.

Here is what the BoyGenius is hearing for the next 15 months from RIM:

  • RIM plans to introduce two new Curve smartphones within the next few months: the BlackBerry Curve 9230 and the BlackBerry Curve 9320. The 9230 will be an EDGE smartphone and the Curve 9320 will be an HSPA device.
  • While we don’t have confirmation on the size, we have heard that RIM will introduce a new PlayBook tablet with 1.5GHz processor, built-in HSPA+ 42Mbps cellular data support and NFC around May or June.
  • RIM’s BlackBerry London is still on track for a September launch.
  • There is now another BlackBerry 10 smartphone in the works that will launch as part of RIM’s Bold series. The phone features a touchscreen display and QWERTY keyboard, and it is planned for a December release.
  • A QWERTY slider running BlackBerry 10 has been talked about for the first quarter of 2013.

Now if only Thorsten Heins can start bringing in those release dates… Also their LTE PlayBook is mysteriously missing from this rumor.

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  1. 1.5 ghz nice

    thats fine for me

  2. Jesus RIM, the curve? Oooooo a radical phone. I left my Bold 9000 last summer when they wouldn’t provide any new phones. I’m still happy I made a change. I was a diehard BB lover but I’m just tired of the lame ass excuses. I doubt the London will ever be like they think it will be. Look at the play book, the only way it has sold in record numbers is by reducing the price hugely. I don’t think this new CEO will make a difference. The other two dweebs already have dug the coffin hole.

  3. Yeah so what. The 9000 was a solid phone better than that stupid torch slider. It’s not my fault bb couldn’t release anything better. ATT didn’t the 9900 until late fall and the 9860? That is a droid/apple non competitor. Have you tried to type on that pos? And yes I read about the curve. Move on up to better phones. Give them the torch. Lol but 3rd world countries dont have the better. Not my fault.

  4. cant wait to get my hands on the first bb10 phone!! Hopefully AT&T doesnt screw us like they did with the 9900.

  5. Just hope Fido will release one of the BB 10! It now has only Curve 9360…

  6. Not sure I buy HSPA+ for the PlayBook.

    The only PlayBook I have seen in my logs was from Verizon Wireless which only has CDMA and LTE networks.

  7. Its amazing how the media and stock the media and stock analysts are way off base:

    1. Stock analysts: RIMM should make a radical changes to the company selling their products as separate entities.

    – Analysis: This is very short sighted in that all RIMM products work together (ie Blackberry Fusion, Blackberry Bridge – Playbook + Blackberry Phone).

    2. Media: Blackberry is so far behind that they may never catch up, even with a new CEO.

    – Analysis: This shows how out of touch the media really is – Blackberry Bold’s 9900/9930 is comparable to any smarthone on the market today and no smartphone can match the combo touch screen/qwerty keyboard and the efficiency of the bold. The same can be said of the PlayBook – no tablet today can match the fluidity of navigation (unlike the Ipad’s clumsy navigation), the multitasking, the melding of Blackberry smartphone and tablet (ie Blackberry Bridge), and with OS 2.0, the best browser, email, calander of any tablet available.

    3. Conclusion: Although RIMM has made some missteps, they should be allowed to continue on their present course. Clearly they have an outstanding product, that will get even better over time. Heavy marketing and PR campaigning are needed to dispel myths/stereotypes that have developed and spread by media/bloggers.

  8. Nice “superficial” roadmap. Or maybe just too much speculation for me but I like it anyway.

    Recently I got a Nokia Lumia 800 and it has an amazing AMOLED screen and I got spoiled! It is a wonderful screen but most of all Nokia + Microsoft made sure the software (WP7.5) was fine tuned to take full advantages of the screens capabilities and avoid as much as possible its limitations. A very well done job (on this particular aspect).

    I think this new Playbook DESERVES an AMOLED screen as long as it keeps its wonderful resolution! It would be just gorgeous the seamless integration of the black bezel with the true black of the screen. The PB already have a dark theme so it could save some battery.

    And let’s not forget a 4G (LTE) antena – couldn’t be so hard, the Motorola Xoom has it already – and NFC and maybe DLNA! It would become the ultimate connectivity machine!

    I would say all of this would be worth the 699$ for a 64GB model.

    Be BOLD RIM! Know our socks out! I’m tired of apples.

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