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BlackBerry PlayBook Sale Now Ending January 28th?

 PlayBook discount ending soon

The sale RIM was running on Shop BlackBerry had all three models, 16GB/32GB/64GB, of the BlackBerry PlayBook selling for $299. That discount used to say that it was valid until February 4th. Mr Lego let us know that the Shop BlackBerry website now has the discount ending on January 28th instead of February 4th. This conflicts with an email RIM just sent out three days ago which you can find here. The other thing I noticed is that all of the models of BlackBerry PlayBooks are listed as being in stock but shipping within 7-14 business days.

This makes me wonders what is right around the corner in February. New device models? (my guess) Different pricing?

Check out the promo RIM sent on Friday with the previous February 4th listing:

 PlayBook offer

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  1. The picture above shows that the offer until the 4th is for business customers, not the general public.

  2. These things will never sell anywhere near retail prices ever again, so it has to be some kind of new hardware or general pricing change…

    • The retail price is what retailers charge for them. I think you mean MSRP (suggested retail price).

      My guess is they raise it now so that when 2.0 comes out the can put them “on sale” again.

  3. Ronen would this suggest that They are low on stock as well?

  4. If its taking 7-14 days to ship there is one of two things going on (imo); there are a boatload of orders to fill or stock is shrinking to a point they want extra time to receive more units. Which one is anybodies guess

  5. Not sure why anyone would buy it at Shop Blackberry, when you can get it tax free & shipping free from NewEgg… and most likely within a shorter time frame.

    I’m pissed I didn’t just wait a couple of months to buy my $300 mobile browser. I paid close to 330 for the 16GB & actually thought I was getting a deal a few months ago… should have just held out for the 64GB today.

  6. I just order and took delivery of a 64 gb (2nd one) PB. I ordered it on Tuesday and got it on Thursday. The 7-14 days are for non Canadian customers.

    I think stock situation is shrinking and maybe the new OS might be closer (ready to be released) then we think…

    The answer to will it ever sell at full price again, possibly. Once with the new OS out I don’t anticipate that they’ll put the PB on sale until a new model that’s LTE capable come out.

    Again I used mine in a presentation today and people were wowed by the clarity and quality of the screen and the cool size.

    The PB will get there and it will be staying despite what the analysts and hot air filled tech bloggers are saying. If any of those types can come up with something insightful and creative they wouldn’t be writing op-ed pieces for on-line mags… sheesh.

  7. I don’t know if it will go back up to the original pricing. They should price them slightly above cost to try to continue to get them out the door even after OS2 drops. Then they need to start seriously pushing the Bridge capabilities in a big marketing campaign.

  8. Playbook needs to and will continue to be a loss leader until BB10 phones hit$

  9. Maybe the 10″

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