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Free Multi Alarms Pro – Alarm Clock For BlackBerry

Bombing Alarm Clock

AFBB released a nice update to their free multi-alarm clock for BlackBerry. Since BlackBerry OS 5.0 or so you have been able to set multiple alarms through the calendar but some users prefer the simplicity of an app. That is where Multi Alarms excels. It allows you to easily setup an unlimited number of alarms and set your own tones.

Feature include:

  • NO restriction on number of Alarms/reminders created
  • Set reminder at a certain date and define recurrences
  • Easily snooze or dismiss an alarm
  • In built reminder sounds
  • Easy Enable/Disable from Space key
  • Test Alarm functions before you set up the alarm!
  • Browse SD card to set songs as tone.

You can pick up Multi Alarms free in App World

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  1. Really Good App!

    Made me say goodbye to my BBSmart Alarms Pro.

    Get it and Enjoy 🙂

  2. I don’t understand the need for these if it’s super easy to set as many alarms on your native calendar on the bb.

  3. I’ve been using it for a while; it’s a great app. Be warned, though: The alarm will sound even when the device is muted, set to “silent,” or even TURNED OFF.

  4. Neither this app or BBSmart Alarms Pro support OS7 yet.

  5. Really, Daniel? Somebody must have forgotten to tell my phone that.

    • Hmm, well I was wrong about Multi Alarms, not sure why App World said my 9900 wasn’t supported when I linked to it through this article. If someone is using BB Smart Alarms Pro on OS7, it would be nice to be wrong on that too since I have BR App store gave me a new code for it.

      • BB Smart Alarms Pro does in fact work on OS7. You just can’t install it from AppWorld. If you have a backup of 3rd party apps (like BlackBerry Master Control) you can do a restore and the program works just fine. However with OS7 you don’t get a visual notification of the alarm. You can still snooze the alarm fine but you go into task manager to dismiss it. I’ve been using it since last August without any problems. I am about to try MultiAlarms though just to see. The reason I don’t like the stock alarm is that it puts the alarms in my calendar and while I think that should be an option, it’s not my cup of tea.

  6. My blackberry curve has HT on top of screen what does this mean?In between the time and sound profile

    Would like to get rid of this.

  7. The app is not available for my device( BB Torch 9850), I was really looking forward to this app.

  8. App not available for a 9900 running OS7.1

  9. I don’t know why this is required. In your calendar select ‘New Alarm’ and that’s it. No other application required.

  10. Owen, these type of alarms are required as where we live in the Middle East, the working week is Sunday to Thursday and many othere people all over the world do no work the standard working wee,. Yes, you can set the standard alarm to daily but you need to remember to turn it off at the weekend!

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