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Anastasiadis BlackBerry Concept Design Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes


Seriously those will be good tears. I am hoping RIM is paying attention to the new Anastasiadis BlackBerry Concept design posted up by Kevin @CrackBerry. The concept was created by industrial designer John Anastasiadis who happens to also be a BlackBerry fan. This is his version of a dream BlackBerry that really blows your mind and makes you want to jump a few years into the future to have one of these… if they are ever made.

John’s envisioned device includes:

  • Wrap around screen. This allows you to incorporate soft-keys on the underside for gaming, navigation, etc.
  • The asymmetrical shape allows you to know the orientation of the phone (while holding) without having to look at it.
  • There is one hard button that serves multiple functions (screen lock, picture taking, etc.)
  • The phone has some artificial intelligence that can predict if you intended a command. For example, sometimes while using an iPhone it will slip out of my hand, causing me to grab for it any which way I can, thus hitting all sorts of buttons on the screen.
  • The front and back cameras are behind the screen. The screen will illuminate to act as the flash.

Anybody else thinking that RIM needs to hire John to help them tweak the next BlackBerry 10 phones? The only issue I have is the lack of a physical keyboard and an indicator light…

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  1. looking at the London and looking at this..

    you can see some inspiration

    especially the grey top

    No doubt its a beauty though

    I think they need to incorporate metal/steel as much as you can

    it just exudes premium feel

    thats why the 9900 shines

  2. Top notch graphics but I don’t understand how you would hold the thing.

  3. I said over there, that one cool thing about it is it looks like a book, so the new playbook could essentiall have the same design.

    Wrap around screen is unlikely but , it might stil be made to look like a wrap around screen when screen is black.

  4. Interesting how the preview boxes in the picture look like WebOs. I like the wrap around concept (it would be cool if you could just open it up to get to the battery, SD card). But, I’d like some metal on the sides that would allow you to grab it without smudges or scratching the side. Also, there should beat at least 4 convienance keys on the right/left side plus the bottom. There should also be a rolling preview flash widget on top that displays the weather, stocks, news – local/world, and new app world items.

  5. Looks great and would I think it would become an instant rock star device in both the BB and smartphone world (much needed boost for RIM) but personally, I’d still go with one of the QWERTY devices in the BB lineup.

    Like this for example:

    RIM has always had a great lineup offering, full of options, so there is no reason why both couldn’t be offered.

    • Yuck that’s so ugly, LOL!

      Bus seriously the 9900 looks better, and also I think the screen ratio is wrong. Remember is has to have the same ratio as the PB.

  6. Touchscreen only is completely moot until they revamp their virtual keyboard quite a bit…

  7. Between the comments here and at CB I begin to thnk I’m the only one who doesn’t find this at all pleasing…

    It looks like a small pocket-sized book. Makes me want to try to open it…

    • I wouldn’t say it’s unpleasant, just completely not going to happen. The curved screen would just increase the cost significantly and offer nothing as you can’t really do much with the screen edge.

      So practically you are left with a front and back screen design, but even then what would really use it… You couldn’t have both activated all the time as you’d trigger it constantly and most software wouldn’t be designed specifically to utilize it.

    • I wouldn’t buy it either but I also wouldn’t buy the Porsche P’9981 either (price aside). That said, BlackBerry has always had an offering for everyone, be it full touch, qwerty, hybrid, low-end, wrist watch, flip phone, or candy bar. They need to keep that up and that would for sure be an eye-catcher.

    • I agree with Marc.
      You could have the keyboard on the inside for heavy texting and the flip-side of this screen could hold the secondary screen while the flip side of the back could hold the keyboard.
      Would make it a little bulky but would rock!!!!

  8. The titan concept looks ugly? (you speak lies :) …or are you talking about the one above (Anastasiadis)?

    The titan concept look amazing, maybe round out the top a little.

    Go ahead and rave about the 9900…I still say the 9790 looks way better than it (and I can because I own a 9900 :)~

  9. I find this concept stupid ;). I don’t want too have to turn my phone to read what’s on the other side… and if I don’t, why display something on that side then?
    Having a touch sensitive zone at the back makes sense though, but it’s nothing new and it doesn’t need to be a screen. Apple will probably be first to market though ;).
    What would work is if I could unfold that phone, that way I would get 2 in 1, tablet and phone.
    And it’s a BlackBerry, add a keyboard will you?

  10. I don;t think you have to turn the phone to read. Having stuff roll off the screen is just a design flair.

    What would really be good is to have a BB keyboard phone on one side and a full screen on the other. RIM likely would not do it since it might be a battery killer.

    • Would cost to much to make and would add very little value, so would probably be bined.

      I’d love to see a horizontal slider though. Motherboard + screen in one half, battery + keyboard in the other. Touchscreen could be bezel-less and phone wouldn’t be too large if it’s 3.5″

      • Don’t you need a bezel for for the new OS? I wonder if you have a slider. I had one but got kinda bored/annoyed with the sliding. That’s why I think keyboard front and full screen back would be good, but I agree prob too expensive. My real hope is something like the titan but in the right dimensions and way less ugly.

  11. The slider concept is my idea of the perfect Blackberry. I would like it to have a Blackberry with both a vertical (9900/9930 quality) and horizontal folding keyboard that slides out easily with the slide of a button and with a widened trackpad and at least 5 convienance keys that can double as a directional pad/gaming and media buttons (trackpad would work the same as touching the screen). There would be a pull out stand that would allow you set it on a desk to type, play games or view media.

  12. i will that cash ….. we need a new bb10 asap

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