RIM Asking Devs to Test Their PlayBook Apps for OS 2.0 By February 7th

PlayBook OS 2.0

I am not sure how much insight this provides into when BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 will launch but it is worth mentioning. RIM sent out notices this week to BlackBerry PlayBook developers asking them to test their applications on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 simulator or public beta. They then go on to request that:

If you need to submit a new version of your app to BlackBerry App World, please do so by February 7, 2012 to allow time for review and acceptance prior to the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 launch.

App World acceptance for updated apps usually ranges in the 1-5 days range with longer acceptance testing for new apps. It could be that RIM expects to get inundated with update requests but that seems unlikely. Still it does leave the possibility that RIM might roll out the PlayBook OS 2.0 release before February 29th at 11:59PM. :)

Here is the full text of the email they sent out:

Is your app ready for BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0?

Dear BerryReview LLC,

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 will be released in February. We request that you test your apps against the new OS to confirm compatibility and ensure a great end user experience.

Test your app directly on your BlackBerry PlayBook with the latest OS2.0 image by registering at: https://bdsc.webapps.blackberry.com/native/beta/register/  or alternatively download and test using the latest OS 2.0 simulator at https://bdsc.webapps.blackberry.com/native/beta/download.

Before testing your app, take a few moments to review the article “Best Practices when Developing for the BlackBerry PlayBook” at:http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/Testing-and-Deployment/Best-Practices-when-Developing-for-the-PlayBook/ta-p/1514865.

If you need to submit a new version of your app to BlackBerry App World, please do so by February 7, 2012 to allow time for review and acceptance prior to the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 launch.

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet now with PlayBook OS 2.0 brings together the best of BlackBerry communications, powerful productivity tools, and your favorite applications, movies, and music to help you make the most out of every moment.

We look forward to having your app on our new OS!

BlackBerry Developer Program

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  1. Well, this has to be a very positive sign.

  2. Promising… who knows, RIM might actually hit this self imposed target date. Having a useful playbook would be awesome. Right now i have a 64gb PB and a 10.1 Tab running an ICS prerelease ROM. Even though i prefer the Playbook size, I still find myself using android 90%+ of the time due to the OS/Apps situation.

    I want to believe in RIM again. They need to get 2.0 out asap.

  3. It appears that RIMM is on track to keep there deadline, which is a good sign.

  4. I seem to recall something similar to this leading up to the original PB launch. I can’t remember the time frame between this email and the launch though – anyone recall?

    (Not that it really means anything, but it’s fun to speculate…)

  5. This is a great sign.The rumored 2/17 date is starting to sound possible. The time for review and acceptance is the big unknown here. Does it take days for weeks for this process?

  6. I’m so excited can’t wait! I hope soon thereafter they add USB hosting and add more CODEC support. I’d really like to see someone make a Dock with built in HDMI out, Sync MicroUSB, Full size SD card slot and like 4 full sized USB ports to be able to hook up Keyboard/mouse, digital camera etc…but def one with built in HDMI out and an SDcard slot.

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