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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Launching February 17th?

PlayBook 2.0

I have been hearing fluctuating RIM internal target release dates for BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 for awhile now. They mostly seem to be somewhere in the week of February 15th though I have heard some outliers. I just received confirmation from a very solid source that RIM is committed & scheduled to launch PlayBook OS 2.0 on February 17th. That seems to jibe with everything else I have been hearing along with the rumor mill.

You have to take any rumor like like this with a grain of salt but I am really looking forward to getting an official copy of OS 2.0 on my PlayBook in less than a month!

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  1. While it would be great to have it sooner… I’m hesitant to believe 2/17 just because the original source for that was a certain blog that has recently proven just how unreliable it can be 😉

    A whole bunch of 2/17 posts came out at around the same time but as far as I was able to tell, they all tracked back to that blog.

    Of course, I’m still not going to give a lot of credit there even if it is 2/17 — even a broken clock is right twice a day 😉 Given that they posted the date back in October (when it’s unlikely even RIM would have set a firm internal deadline), I’d chalk it up to coincidental accuracy at best.

  2. My moneys on 21st or 22nd Feb. Although, I’d be just as happy if it was 29th Feb 😉

  3. If Ronen says its so… its so lol

    no pressure Ronen!!

  4. my bet is on the 21st, it has been a Tuesday for most OS updates on playbook. I wont complain if later or earlier, OS 2 will be worth the wait.

  5. These dates are still rumors so take them with a grain of salt but signs are still pointing towards that date. It does not look like they will blow past their original commitment unless something comes up. Either way I will be happy. 🙂

  6. I thought most of the Playbook updates were on Thursdays, but if it is Tuesdays then maybe it will be a Valentine’s Day present to all of us. Based on what I’m seeing over at the Beta Zone, it does seem like they will definitely hit the February deadline (although no actual date was given).

  7. *sigh*, it is JIBE…not “jive”.

    jibe 2 (jb)
    intr.v. jibed, jib·ing, jibes Informal
    To be in accord; agree: Your figures jibe with mine.

  8. I hope it is really polished. RIM could use some good press and I think if everything works they will get it.

  9. Man oh man, it may finally be coming to pass. I can’t wait to try out a truly polished, kick ass version of PB OS2.

  10. Really looking forward to 2.0. My PB will finally feel complete. I’ve loved the PB since I picked it up last April but this native email, contacts, calendar, android app carrot has been dangling for so long now. I can’t wait to finally get a good chomp on it!

  11. I can’t wait! I hope they add USB hosting soon afterwards too, I been waiting for it since I heard of the possibilities with the PB.

  12. I’m looking forward to it and waiting patiently.

  13. Please make it android compatible…(and give my skype and that sort of things…)

    Please make it email client compatible…

    And for f sakes: PLEASE let me install Microsoft Silverlight…

    If you can make that happen, my gratitude is beyond everything you’ve ever imagined…no pressure though 🙂

    Tnx guys!

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