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RIM silently sneaks beta Play Book OS into beta developement

I just got a friendly BBM from bluemax413 that beta os2.0.0.7111 is now available for us who want to play with the new PlayBook operating system from RIM. It has Adobe Air 3.0 and some other goodies. They did leave out all the stuff we are really waiting for like email,calendar, and contacts. You can sign up and get more details here here.

DISCLAIMER: By installing this OS you might lose some of your information and applications.  Please understand the risks of installing/running a beta operating system on your playbook.

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  1. Surely we’re getting close to the official release now!

  2. Take the new OS for a spin at

    It now scores ahead of Firefox, Safari, IE, iOS, Android, and webOS. In short, it is ahead of every single browser except Chrome.

  3. Sounds pretty good!

  4. Keyboard. Improved. Predictive text option now available. And fastest browser in the tablet world…

  5. what I really would like to know is when do RIM plan on realeasing Cascades UI fully implemented on the playbook which would give it that head and shoulders appeal over the rest of the tablet world?

  6. Great find. I wonder why they kept this one quiet. They should have announced it at the end of CES. Any word on a Bridge update?

  7. I think RIMM is waiting for the right time to release cascades fully integrated into the OS.

    • yes but dont you think the time is now before Apple brings out the Ipad3?

      • No the time is not now, it is not finished, they aready killed themselves with launching the playbook when it wasn’t snished.

        They have done the best thing with positive press and the fire sale.

        Anyone demanding it before it is finished, would be the same person who would cry and complain when stuff didn’t Work perfect.

        The ipad3 is a consumer device, which yes is competition, but RIM is going for the business consumer as always and a finished product is more important at this stage in the game.

      • iPad3 will run the same as iPad2 with respect to software

  8. We are on the verge of the age of Software taking precedence over hardware with respect to superphones/tablets

    We are on the verge of where PC’s were at about the Windows Vista stage of life

    A the point Vista hit, virtually all PC’s and laptops were running hardware that was MORE than capable of running all basic-moderate tasks with ease

    On my work PC I am running Windows XP on a 2.13 Ghz Intel Core 2 with 2 gigs of ram

    It runs like a fucki*g dream

  9. The predictive text is awesome. It even was able to predict my username after I had typed it only once.

  10. I’m weary.. who releases a Beta a few weeks before full retail version is supposed to go out? I smell another delay..

  11. Predictive text works in apps :), but it’s even worse than what’s available on Android :S.
    – Misspelled words are not underlined, once you’ve moved on to the next one, you’ll have to do a lot of work to fix the typos
    – Tapping on a word doesn’t bring suggestions, you’re on your own
    – You have a list of suggested words, but you can’t scroll that list, wysiwyg

    Hopefully, this is just a first step towards full BlackBerry text prediction awesomeness, which hasn’t been beaten yet.

  12. docs to go

    must be issues with the apps implementation of it?

  13. I just tried Apps to go, it’s exactly as I’ve described it, even worse ;).

    If you press space, the checker will replace your word with its best guess. That’s just a horrible way of doing things, not the BlackBerry way.

    My words are underlined in blue btw.

  14. ummm

    well on Docs to Go the misspelled words stay underlined in red for me no matter how long I type on

  15. WebGL support is now enabled in the browser. Been waiting for this for a long time!!

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