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SodaStream Fizz Chip

Certain technology items have become kitchen gadget must-haves over time. A SodaStream soda maker is one of them. Our team has previously reviewed  models of the SodaStream line (seen here). I will focus on the latest addition to their product line.

The latest SodaStream model is called the FizzChip, easily identifiable by the the mini display located on the front of the device. A chip is located there, inside the machine, that measures the quantity of CO2 remaining in your carbonator. Life is made just a bit simpler with the addition of this display, so you know in advance that it’s time for a refill exchange. Previously, with Fizz Chip-less models, you were able to identify that your carbonator was running low when each press resulted in less carbonation, and it became a guessing game as to how much was left in the carbonator. The Fizz Chip has solved this issue and I now always know the level of carbonation remaining. This has eliminated the occasional gaps in my seltzer drinking during the exchange process.

Second Level Fizziness

The small display on the front also has a vertical line of 3 icons that declare how much fizz you are putting in your bottle of soda. This is can be great for trying out different levels of fizziness and determining what you like best, as it can take time to determine how much carbonation makes your perfect bottle of soda. If there are a few members in a family with different soda preferences, the display makes it simple to create bottles to each one’s liking. After a while, you perfect your technique and the icons may no longer be as useful.

As in typical SodaStream fashion, the look of the machine has been updated. This one in particular has a smoother front and a carbonating lever that took me an extra few seconds to figure out was a lever as it looked like part of the decor of the machine! The entire machine weighs no more than a regular bottle of soda and is slim enough to be put anywhere in the kitchen. It comes in several colors, now including pink! (for the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation). It also does not use any electricity to power it.

The box contains: 1 SodaStream Fizz Chip Home Soda Maker, 1 BPA Free Plastic Carbonating Bottle, 1 60L Carbonator, 1 extra battery (now available in all kits in response to complaints of battery issues and the front display not matching up properly with the contents of the carbonator) and a box of 12 syrup samples to try out.

As far as flavors go, there are dozens available so you can make your own favorite soda at home. SodaStream proudly states that there is no high-fructose corn syrup in regular flavors and no aspartame in their diet flavors. They have recently released a full line of completely natural flavors as well, made from cane sugar, all-natural ingredients, no artificial ingredients and no preservatives. Those flavors range from basic Cola to more exotic Black Currant Pear. There is also a line of MyWater Essense Flavors that add a minor touch to the seltzer and they taste exactly like a purchased bottle of flavored seltzer. I appreciate that SodaStream continuously promotes a healthy drink-style.

Carbonating in Action

For the people who go through more selter or sparkling water than other drinks, a SodaStream Soda Maker is truly a great purchase. There may be a slight savings by using this method as opposed to purchasing single bottles at a local store, although not too much if you are using flavors to make soda. The convenience of not having to drive/walk to purchase and carry multiple soda bottles is undeniably great.

What makes this version worth it?The Fizz Chip and the ability to hold both sizes of carbonators (60L & 130L) makes this latest model a hit product. For those who already own a SodaStream Soda maker, the addition of the Fizz Chip alone shouldn’t warrant purchasing the new version. However, if your current SodaStream only supports the smaller carbonators, the Fizz Chip plus the ability to use the larger carbonators should give you reason to consider this model. Finally, for those who have yet to purchase their first SodaStream, I strongly suggest this model.

Price: $149.99 

Carbonating in action

Size Comparison to a Typical Brita Filter

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  1. I got one of these for my wife for christmas. The Pure model

    Most amazing thing of all time.


    • Cool! Am still saving up my nickels ‘n dimes for one. For the time being, I get by with the tiny little Fizz Giz. At under thirty bucks, I could afford it. Butcha gotta admit, that fizz giz chip machine looks really cool ‘n shiny. I do like the metalic red dome. Reminds me of bubba fet ‘n some of the other gallactic bounty hunters.

  2. But it doesn’t even have Native E-mai!? 😉

  3. what is this an Ad????

    • Lol! Its a good product!!

    • I guess SodaStream trolls blogs and sends out free sample units to sites that agree to evaluate and post a review. This sort of thing (reviews of products totally unrelated to BlackBerry) has been going on here for quite a long time, the first I recall that springs to mind was some vaccuum cleaner I think. Kinda weird, and I wish Ronen would decline the freebies as IMHO it takes away from what the site is all about…

  4. I would love to buy this, if it were $50 cheaper.

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