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More news on whats ahead for RIM and us….

RIM’s CES focus seemed to touch a little bit on BB10 and a lot on PlayBook 2.0.  I know that many of us were expecting a bit more in the way of whats to come for the company we all want to see succeed.  Well N4BB just posted a rumoured roadmap for 2012.  Most of it has already been mentioned or spoken about, but its good for affirmation.

Here are the upcoming highlights of 2012:

  • 10″ PlayBook releasing in December 2012, will be LTE enabled
  • 7″ PlayBook releasing in April 2012, will be 3G+ (will not be LTE due to chipset)
  • First BlackBerry 10 phone releasing in September 2012
  • PlayBook OS 2.0 releasing end of February 2012
  • Mobile Fusion releasing in April 2012
  • PlayBook Admin Service releasing in Summer 2012
  • Two new Curves for emerging markets. One Curve will be 2G only.


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  1. Meh vahue rumor.

    Love to know what other new hardware will be in the new pb coming with the hspa+

    1.5 ghz dual core and 1.5 gb ram would do just fine

  2. Personally, I can’t see them making any other models of Playbook until they make the current one much more popular. Although a 10 inch model might appeal to some people more than the current 7 inch model. I was hoping OS2 would show up more toward the beginning or middle of February too.

  3. Very negative review of the new 2.0 in the NYT today shows just how hard it’s going to be for RIM. The report says analysts were unimpressed by 2.0 because it did not deliver BBM to the playbook and because the email is active sync and not RIM email. Also because RIM was vague about the issues in these two areas.

    None of the things said were untrue. It just shows that RIM lives in a life is unfair world. Active sync and lack of BBM on other tablets is OK but not on a Blackberry. This may seem unfair to us, but in a way I can see it. What makes RIM great are 3 things: email, BBM, and keyboards. The playbook has none of these (although the new keyboard on 2.0 looks sweet).

    My view is the BB10 phones will have all three so there is a good chance that they will be viewed positively. The only super negative things was RIM being evasive on these issues. RIM’s system was made for just one handset and it seems they cannot overcome it. They are not doing a good job of explaining it. This is something RIM needs to fix because it leads to what I view as false and negative explanations.

    Example: the report says analysts worry that RIM has not figured out how to get their encrypted email on to BB10 phones. My guess is that this is not correct. What RIM cannot do is get it on two devices at the same time, so the phones should be OK. However evasive answers by RIM lead to this speculation and it is not good.

    But anyway the article answers my question about what is the big thing RIM needs to beat the competition. The answer is RIM email, BBM, and keyboards. Add that to a smooth OS and Android player and done. RIM knows what they have to do, now they have to do it.

    It is too bad that it seems 2.0 will not get the praise it deserves but I understand it. RIM is encrypted email to the rest of the world and not delivering on what you are is not going to win you praise.

    I will enjoy 2.0 but it will not boost sales as we’d hoped. Too bad 🙁

    • this is the first negative article I have heard about and while you say the are true, i disagree slightly.

      RIM came out and explained BBM not being there as best they could. We all know its the multiple device issue and they are working on it

      I really do not think having BBM native on the Playbook matters that much to consumers. Why? Because if you WANT BBM… it means you HAVE BBM on your phone. Thus you bridge to your playbook and boom.

      The bridge on 2.0 is said to be way faster and less buggy than on the current 1.0 and 2.0 beta

      If you don’t have a BBM phone.. do you really want BBM on the Playbook? Thats a very small market segment there.

      As for the email. They did put out a video explaining the system to some degree. They indicated with Mobile Fusion everything will be just fine on the security side. As long as there is a BES solution, I don’t think there needs to be a BIS solution.

      If your companies care about security of your emails, you will get BES, which RIM has a GREAT solution for in mobile fusion.

      I think RIM weighed the pros and cons of BBM/activesync and I think they clearly decided the PROS outweigh the CONS

      • The article said to deploy the playbooks in enterprise then the BES needs to be upgraded to mobile fusion. Expecting companies to pay for this is a mistake.

        RIM should give away mobile fusion in an upgrade. At least a version that delas with playbooks (you want iPhone support you pay). RIM needs to make it as easy as possible to deploy playbooks over some other tablet.

    • And for anyone to suggest that the general consumer knows wtf Activesync is over NOC and that the general consumer will care…they should be taken out and shot

      If it works it works

      • I think it was more about enterprise deployment of the playbooks.

        To me it in a way makes sense to care about this stuff. It might be that if the playbook could be secure a business could say fine keep your iPhone but for email etc, use the playbook.

  4. Well the info above is just wrong from a common sense perspective.

    Playbook 2.0 has to ship with a management console..

    Carriers aren’t taking anything but LTE on a new device/tablet, so any connected Playbooks that might come have to be LTE.

    • I have been having the same thoughts

      on another note

      I know Apple is waiting for the same/similar LTE chipset as Blackberry for the iPhone 5/6 which won’t be ready until 2nd half of 2012; however, new rumors suggest iPad 3 will have LTE?


  5. There was a correction on the iPad3 spec’s

    NO LTE… everything else is the same.

    • I think carriers will give tablets a pass on the strict LTE policy for the first half of 2012

      Superhones no way

      2013 everything will have to be LTE

      If the Playbook is HSPA+ 21 Mbps that is more than enough, heck, my cable internet at home is only 12 Mpbs

  6. “First BlackBerry 10 phone releasing in September 2012”

    This is the only one I care about. I hate the delays.

  7. Luv your idea BBA Brian, but why think small 😉

    Next Gen PlayBook:

    – quad-core Snapdragon APQ8064 chip @ 2.5 GHz
    – 2 GB RAM
    – 16 GB flash with upgradable microSD
    – 4G LTE with 3G HSPA/SHPA+
    – WiFi hotspot!!!

    • I am not going to fall victim to being a “spec” snob.

      I still 100% believe that quad core isn’t necessary.

      My work computer PC and two laptops at home are all dual core and run amazing.

      I think a 1.5 or 1.8 Ghz dual core is amazing and will be good for another 2-3 years.

      I do like the idea of 2 gigs ram and the microSD slot

      Like I said… 21 Mpbs HSPA+ is way way more than adequate.

      • Actually, researching the quad-core Snapdragon APQ8064 chip is quite intriguing! It enables a world of possibilities.

        Qualcomm says “these devices will have significantly higher performance requirements, including support for larger screen sizes and resolutions, more complex operating systems, multi-tasking, multi-channel audio, HD gaming and stereoscopic 3D (S3D) photo and video capture and playback, as well as output in full HD to 1080P flat panel displays over HDMI. ”

        Taking snippets from Qualcomm’s website:

        The APQ8064 will:

        – Offer twelve times the available performance as well as 75 percent lower power than the first generation of Snapdragon processors.

        – Provide tablets and mobile computing devices with unsurpassed performance, battery life, low thermal dissipation and the broadest set of connectivity options available in the industry.

        – Deliver fifteen times greater performance with the included the Adreno 320 quad-core GPU compared to the original Adreno GPU, for a console-quality gaming experience, as well as rendering rich UI’s. Perfect for Cascades!

        – Provide up to 20 Megapixel camera support, and will internally synchronize two camera sensors for 3D video recording and will support external 3D video playback.

        – Share a core set of features, including a quad-combo of connectivity solutions (i.e. WLAN, GPS, BT and FM), support for NFC and stereoscopic 3D (S3D) video and photo capture and playback.

        READ: Sssmokin’!

  8. What you said works for me as well, but RIM needs to turn heads these days. If RIM doesn’t hop on the quad core bandwagon the competition will and RIM will again appear to lag behind. Remember when RIM launched the PlayBook as the first multiprocessing tablet? They turned heads. Even BlackBerry haters were looking at the PlayBook. Unfortunately, they’ve since found things to hate about it.

    Anyway, personaly, I just want something that works well and is very well built! For me, that is BlackBerry!

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