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Latest Rumor Has Samsung Looking Into RIM for Acquisition

RIM Stock

The rumors are really swirling around RIM these past 12 months. This time we have Samsung proposed as a likely suitor according to sources close to the BGR. The rumor has RIM looking at an outright sale of one or multiple devices and even considering selling the whole company. Jim Balsillie is supposedly “going hard after Samsung” for some sort of licensing or acquisition. The main factor seems to be price with RIM looking for $10+ billion for a sale.

I would definitely take this one with a huge grain of salt since these rumors tend to get bandied around all the time. As you can already see some unscrupulous traders take advantage of rumors like these to manipulate stock prices before selling. This has already happened with this rumor according to Bloomberg.

What do you think about this latest addition of Samsung to the rumor mill? Share your thoughts in the forums!

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  1. I would discount BGR but Bloomberg news is as reliable as BerryReview.

    I hope this is something like RIM licensing BBX/BBM to Samsung and not an outright acquisition.

    • Oh there is definitely still a ton of salt to take with this rumor. We only mentioned it because it was already dramatically changing RIM’s stock value. I am sure it is all part of RIM’s strategy to assess all of their available options. Who knows what will happen since this is all still rumors of rumors of rumors.

  2. It would be great if Samsung was to manufacture handsets while RIM would work on the software + NOC. It could also help RIM focus more on soho features.

  3. If Samsung were to do this. It would cost ALOT and if you are going to spend that, you need to focus on it. Meaning no more Android or Windows.

    It would be a HUGE gamble at this point for Samsung.

    Of course if it was a bargain price than the risk is mitigated, but, the price will not be a bargain because investors and higher-ups still think there is HUGE potential in RIM, despite current stock price.

    On the surface, Samsung is doing great with Android and making a name for themselves as the top Android manufacturer.

    Other than the Motorola/Google wild card, that doesn’t look like it will change in the next couple years.

    But again, the Motorola/Google wild card is…. the wild card lol

    If Samsung is afraid of M/G and has very real reason to believe it will affect their Android efforts… I can see them looking at RIM

  4. In the end I think this is all smoke and mirrors

    Canadian Government would not let RIM go away.. especially to a Korea

    More likely all this talk will result in partnerships with someone to license BB10

    I see this as being WAY more likely than a buy out

  5. Good to have more QNX handsets, but I’m not sure Samsunf makes good quality products.
    I hope RIM still makes some phones, or maybe get Nokia to make a QNX phone too.

    I think RIM has trouble knowing if they are in the consumer or business. It would be good if they could concentrate on Back office.

    With Google buying Moto, I think this is potentially a good acquisition for Samsung. Also if some patents were thrown in the mix it might allow Samsung to more effectively sue Apple.

    I just hope Samsung doesn’t kill the QNX handset business, i.e., only acquire for the patents.

    Personally, I’d rather see a Chinese partner. I think an entry into China for RIM would be huge.

    For those that are going to tell me they are already in China. I say only minimally. I go to China all the time and BB is just about nonexistant. I think this is because of government worries about the technology but a Chinese partner might help that. It’s a false worry because government can get access to phone company BIS I beleive.


    great article… agree completely.

    Partnership over ownership

  7. Takes a b*tch like johnathan to write up rubbish like this.

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