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Latest Alec Saunders Interview details “The Road to BB10” & Cascades UI


Alec Saunders has been making the rounds of many websites in interviews but a few friends pointed out his latest one with The Verge. They do a nice job of describing what they call the “Long road to BlackBerry 10.” Its a nice interview that will get you up to speed with some interesting tidbits but the main highlight to me is what I have been describing to potential developers. The upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 is not BlackBerry 10 but more of a stepping stone to BlackBerry 10. One of the key pieces missing for developers is the Cascades UI engine/framework that RIM first demoed to us at BlackBerry DevCon in October.

Right now RIM does not have a UI framework for native apps that developers can tap into. This native framework is the reason RIM acquired The Astonishing Tribe and you can see their touches in many of the current (calculator) and upcoming (Print to Go) apps but more is on the way. Their UI engine is called Cascades and promises to bring an easy to implement yet visually stunning interface for any native app. So far this has not been exposed to third party developers but many of them are waiting for it. The question is just a matter of when. Check out this video below to see what we mean:

If you want to catch up on what we currently know about Cascades I recommend reading up on our previous coverage. Personally I am just waiting for RIM to start hitting the gas and delivering ASAP!

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  1. All I can say is WoW! I’m speechles.

  2. I believe TAT’s cascades are one of the keys to RIMM’s comeback. But the main key will be the advertising (BTW, where are the 2.0 OS commercials). I think it would be a bad idea for RIMM to be acquired by Samsung, as they have all the tools they need to come back on top, they just to implement them correctly.

  3. i love lamp

  4. I found this article troubling, I do think it is reasonable for developers to want to see a working BB10 phone before developing. Also it will be better for BB10 to have apps that integrate well with the (cascades) OS.

    Win8 was shown off to developers a year before launch.

    I think all this means is BB10 isn’t ready and they want to release in August. I’m worried. Not crapping on RIM I just really want to see BB10 work.

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad i did not give up on my precious RIM!!!! My most favorite manufacturer ever!!!!!!!!!! #BeBold

  6. I am looking forwards to Cascades.

    Until I get a chance to try it out, I don’t plan on releasing anything for BBX that is not a game.

  7. Guessing that means u r a developer. If so, all I can say is gets to developin some app, games, or whateva u want to develop!!!! Us users wants some good quality apps and NO bad ports from Android!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. so I guess no Cascades in February OS2?

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