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Latest WTF Survey: iOS Users Optimistic & BlackBerry Users Pessimistic

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In this latest round of WTF survey of the month we have another case of Mark Twain’s “Lies, Damn Lies, and statistics.” Gazelle is a company that offers users money for their old unwanted electronic devices.  In their CES revelry they surveyed an unspecified number of CES attendees in what seems to be an unscientific process based on them being iOS, Android, or BlackBerry users and their outlook on life. iOS users statistically were shown as optimistic, calm, and social. Android users were found to be optimistic and active and BlackBerry users were found to be pessimistic and uneasy about their future.

The results are quite entertaining and can be found below and in their press release:

iPhone and iPad users are optimistic, calm and also social

  • In uncertain times, 29% of iPhone users and 60% of iPad users expect the best
  • 52% of iPhone users and 58% of iPad users are always optimistic about their future
  • 25% of iPhone users and 26% of iPad users don’t get upset too easily
  • 65% of iPhone users and 52% of iPad users enjoy their friends a lot

Android users are generally optimistic and active

  • 28% of Android smartphone users and 36% of Android tablet users are always optimistic about their future
  • 48% of Android smartphone users and 64% of Android tablet users think it’s important to keep busy
  • 31% of Android smartphone users and 55% of Android tablet users often expect more good things to happen than bad
  • 18% of Android smartphone users and 27% of Android tablet users don’t get upset too easily

BlackBerry users are pessimistic and uneasy about their future

  • 33% of BlackBerry users believe if something can go wrong for them, it will
  • 33% of BlackBerry users rarely count on good things happening to them
  • 16% of BlackBerry users hardly ever expect things to go their way
  • 0% of BlackBerry users usually expect the best

As I mentioned above the results are interesting and may lead to some insight into what sort of users use each device. The thing is these surveys are entertaining examples of how statistics can say whatever you want. If you need a refresher course check out this infographic on causation compared to correlation. Or better yet we have the entertaining graph below by Aly Juma correlating highway accidents to the importation of fresh lemons from Mexico:


Top image credit: HBDChick

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  1. i had a nightmare last night that BBX was delayed past February….

    kid you not.

  2. BlackBerry users pessimistic? According to this data only a third of them are.

    Although for the BlackBerry users, the numbers point suspiciously towards a sample size of 6.

  3. apple Fanboys have less oxygen going to there brains, thus making them unaware . that is a fact

  4. just pure propaganda

  5. out of date, after CES I think there is much more optimism. Also many Blackberry users have out of date curves given by company. So the survey outcome is natural. This is kind of a problem for RIM because it leads to survey’s like this.

    I hope they do bring out a moderately priced BB10 phone perhaps with some features disabled like front came, but still gives a fluid satisfying performance.

  6. This is a very long month for all of us PlayBook owners, but I am very optimistic about it.

  7. In other words out of 100%:

    48% of iPhone users and 42% of iPad users ARE NOT always optimistic about their future…

    72% of Android Phones users and 64% of Android Tablet users ARE NOT always optimistic about their future…


    67% BB users always expect good things happening for them and nothing can go wrong for them.

    Seems to me if you flip the statistics around it tells a completely different story… it would seem us BB users are a happy bunch of people who always seems to get things going there way… 😉

  8. How about this one…BB are generally more productive, assets to whatever environment they in, like for example the oval office, or a fortune five hundred board room, an entertainment venue, or even your local high school, filled with teens who are texting from sun up to sun down. iPhone users on the other hand are enamored by the ability to consume, they need their games, Angry Birds, Siri, FaceTime, etc.

    Pure BS, like one of the posts above, pure propaganda. If I recall, I saw a study maybe a year that “found” that BB users had a higher average income but iPhone user was more creative…and the Android User was most likely to fall victim to ID theft because they sported a smartphone that was open source ok maybe I made that last part up (or the entire thing) but really, pretty easy to spin any statistic you want to say whatever you need. Sample size was probably 10 anyway.

  9. 42 percent of all iPhones currently in use in the UK are being used with a broken or cracked screen

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