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Is it time for RIM to shine with OS 2.0?

Beating a broken record, we all know OS2.0 is long overdue,the changes and upgrades RIM has implemented should have been baked in since the release. But now that CES 2012 is starting to wrap up, Gizmodo has labelled the PlayBook and OS2.0 the biggest surprise at CES.  In an article they ran earlier this week you could see their pleasure in it,  and now it is receiving some positive press!  Praise like this is exactly what RIM needs to help create a more positive brand movement.  I am curious to see how many people feel the same way.

Source: Gizmodo

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  1. actually if RIM would like to make me as Playbook owner happy – simply release the OS – there hardware is nice!

  2. I think OS 2.0 not only revitalized the Playbook.. but gave true tangible hope for BB10 phones….. that meant more

    • Absolutely, it gave a preview of of what BB10 phones are capable of. A bit disappointed they did not show off the Blackberry video store (maybe its not ready). I hope they come out with the Blackberry game center: Imagine, being able to play head to head games with 2 Blackberrys using the Blackberry Bridge split screen option on the PlayBook. The possibilities are endless.

      • The fact that BB10 is going to be shown off more in just 1 month is also VERY promising.

        As OS 2.0 goes… so does BB10

        If OS 2.0 is this fleshed out now… BB10 is also this fleshed out

  3. Still missing basic functionality such as Skype and Netflix. How 9 months after launch they still don’t have Skype is a joke.

    • Having skype or netflix is not a basic functionality theres more to it, skype is owned by microsoft, so RIM has to work out deals with the companies to get them to develop unless the companies decide to develop them by themselves. So is not as simple as many may think.

    • lol… as Luis said.. those are not items of “basic functionality,” nor is it 100% RIM’s fault they aren’t on it. Place some blame on Skype and Netflix for not developing it.

      RIM could be doing all the work in the world to try to get Netflix and Skype to pony up and make an app, but, if they don’t want to there is nothing RIM can do

    • send an email to netflix, ask them
      where their playbook app is.

  4. Not until they put Chinese. Input on it!!

  5. We just need good marketing. Also make sure everything is fluid upon release. I think RIM should drop the adobe air apps like App World and write everything native.

    2012 #BeBold RIM!!

    • Don’t think they will drop adobe air a handful of devs still use it. I still don’t understand why so many devs still use it, oh well it is what it is.

  6. You beat a dead horse, not a broken record.

  7. I just bought a 64GB Playbook yesterday on faith that 2.0 will not be a letdown. After having bought and returned a 1.x 16GB version last year, plunking down $300 is my good faith ante that they won’t let us down (again).

  8. Woooahhh… Gizmodo said something positive about RIM? I thought it might never happen. Color me surprised. Good for them.

    I do think that OS 2.0 looks like an excellent step forward for RIM, but I think it’s also good to recognize that there are a number of other important things for RIM to work on. Here’s my list:

    Obvious other steps:

    – Getting Netflix onto the device. (and Skype)
    – Getting other highly recognizable apps and games onto the device.
    – Injecting TAT awesomeness onto the device. They actually have the potential to leapfrog some of Apple’s UI stuff if they can leverage TAT well.
    – Making PlayBook a killer development machine, supporting many powerful development platforms. (They’re well on their way now)
    – Getting more devices into the market so that it is both more recognizable, and a bigger target for developers.
    – Release more really good first-party apps and features.

    If RIM can execute well on the above, and follow up the PlayBook with another tablet with cutting edge screen and processor and at a competitive price, then I think they can increase the current 77:1 ratio of iPad to PlayBook sales to something much more respectable.

    Hope is in the air!

  9. It still doesn’t meet my requirements in terms of software, but it’s nice to see that the tech press is getting excited. The hardware is still nice for Q1-2012.

  10. Once they show off the new QNX based BlackBerry line up and show they mean business and came restore order then we could say its time for RIM to shine once again. Long as the specs are there.

  11. Love the positive buzz!!

  12. Bought two pb’s at home, and convinced others to buy cheap ahead of 2.0.

    Fully happy and can’t wait. Would like to see that beta with email (particularly as we have over a 100 BES users crying out for it)

  13. I also bought a 64GB Playbook because of the OS 2.0 update! It showed me that RIM didn’t give up on the tablet fight and that they still have sharp claws and fangs.

    The biggest thing I see on the update is the Android Player! If that turns out to be really good, we are going to have 2 tablets in 1 device and 2 huge app stores! Imagine if all major content vendors apps like Amazon (Kindle) and Netflix works on PB? It will become a multimedia/content dream!

    Now, 2 personal requests to RIM:
    1 – please, give us a stand/cradle that has a rapid charging plug AND a HDMI! If you wanna blow everybody mind: also stick a card reader on it or USB ports! With this imaginary stand/cradle I could even sync a bluetooth keyboard to the PB and make it my own desktop! *SICK*
    2 – Improve battery life! I know and love the fact that the PB is a powerhouse but it comes with a heavy drawback: limited autonomy. But I also know that with heavy tunning through software and hardware you can save a lot of energy. Please give us a 10h battery mode. My 16GB PB didn’t last 5h of real usage…

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