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Yet Another PlayBook OS 2.0 Walkthrough Video

PlayBook 2.0

Just a week ago we would have jumped through hoops for a demo of PlayBook OS 2.0. Now we have them all over the place! Timmy spotted a demo walkthrough done by Engadget with higher quality video and pictures. They did say that the BlackBerry Bridge was acting up but everything else including the Android Player worked like a charm. Check it out below:

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  1. Playbook OS 2.0 looks so awesome!! Cant wait for it to be released!! It would be great if launch the first week of February 😀

  2. I was really surprised at how quickly the picture from the BB showed up on the Playbook. If the Bridge is really that fast I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  3. This is the best presentation of Playbook’s very unique PIM features so far and the one I will be showing people if they ask about it. Jeff is really getting his game on. His presentation is more polished than on the insideblackberry and crackberry video’s. Luck for him, as it is engadget and has 14500 views already. Hopefully this video rises to the top in google search. Lets all start linking to it!

  4. Looking good. I’m still not clear what will be happening with Android app integration. We won’t have access to the Android market, but some Android apps will be available for download in App world? Is that right? I was looking forward to having the entire market opened up.

    • Not all android apps will run properly on os2 – that is why they will be available thru the bb app world vs access to the whole android market – at least that’s my understanding.

      • Ok. Thanks Al. So only the Android Apps that have been ported will work on PlayBook. Is that right?

        Can anyone port a certain app to work on a PlayBook? Or does it have to be the developer?

  5. I agreed with zaman59. Best presentation I’ve seen.

    But remote control is missing… A really cool feature worth a comment 😉

  6. When this drops they need to market the hell out of the Bridge capabilities and give big discounts on buying a BB and Playbook together. Nobody out there is doing anything like the Bridge and they need to get the word out.

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