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Win 1 of 30 copies of SayIt!

Last week I posted an article of a Siri like app for BlackBerry called SayIt.  We got a great response from it, and now BachKhoa University has been kind enough to let us give 30 copies to our readers.

BachKhoa University has been hard at work improving SayIt, and now v1.1.0 is expected to go  live in AppWorld in just a few days with a whole set of new additions. It has also transitioned from a free app to a premium app.

Here are some of the new features that they have added:

Change log of v1.1.0:
1. Can answer random question. Anything you ask it can be answered!
2. Complete Command List, Settings functions
3. Complete compose SMS, Email, BBM,..or typing any text via voice by press Menu > SayIt
4. Boost up the interface!
5. Bugs fixed
6. Enhance voice recognition precision!

Here are some more screenshots!

Be sure to drop us a comment below to win!

Disclaimer: Please make sure to use your proper email when entering as we will be needing this to contact you if you are selected. This contest is sponsored by BachKhoa University, and all winnings will be tied to your device. AppWorld is required for redemption of application. All winnings will be tiedto your PIN.   Contest ends at midnight EST on January 16th, 2011.  GOOD LUCK!

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  1. This would be awesome to win! Vlingo isn’t quite what I want.

  2. I Sayit!

  3. I’d love to give this a try. It looks like it could be pretty good.

  4. It will be cool to shut up all the iPhone dorks in my office with this app since they all talk about how BB can’t do what iPhone does.

  5. Cool! I’m in for this! 😀

  6. I would love to have a free copy of SayIt!!!!

  7. Count me in. I am watching this closelu since it 1st came out!

  8. Would be great to play around with this app.

  9. Looks like a cool app to have. Count me in for a WIN!!! Good luck everyone!

  10. I love it, I SayIt!

  11. This is really exciting! “Anything you ask it can be answered!” What more can you ask for!?

  12. Wow!! I would LOVE to win one of these!

  13. Looks cute.

  14. I hope I win!

  15. Awesome times at ridgemont high!, can I win?!?! I’d love to test it out.

  16. “Sounds” great

  17. Would like to test this.

  18. Would love a copy

  19. Please please please

  20. I would love to win this app, it looks amazing & looks to be the perfect app to have on my 9900

  21. Would love this! Perfect for a full time mom! Thanks!!!

  22. Would love a copy

  23. Cool, looks like it has a lot of potential

  24. Jan 12 1976

    The day I was born :)

    36 today :)

    There it is. I said it!

  25. siri is the only thing that really made me jealous of the Iphone. Hopefully Sayit can fix that.

  26. Hope I win this one. Thanks!

  27. I’m in, take that Siri!

  28. Looks nifty

  29. Surely I want to win a copy as I am eager to ask many questions to TEST this app.

  30. Cool! Would love to win a copy … thanks for the contest!

  31. say it to my bb

  32. have tried the beta version….outrageous stuff…cant wait for rollout…got to b *********stars

  33. awesome contest idea!

  34. im afraid, my blackberry never talked back to me when i wanted to touch her. Now if i do when i want im wondering what she would say lol. kidding i would love a copy

  35. i dnt care about rest. jst want one.Sayit

  36. I would love to win a copy!

  37. Seriously cool app!

  38. Great app

  39. Awesome app, would love a copy.

  40. I hope to win a copy of this app. I will try it first and ask others to have it.

  41. Just gotta Be Bold and SayIt, I want it!

  42. Adds the features lacking in other apps. Want!

  43. Please please please!!!! i would love to have this app.. or else i might have to switch to iphone… 😛

  44. Just SayIt is so please…

  45. This would be nice to have

  46. Count me in!

  47. Please pick me, thanks

  48. wow! would love to have it on my playbook.

  49. This should be a world beater if it can do what siri can’t (do regional accents, eg, Scottish). Seems like a useful app to have.

  50. Finally a reason not to move to iphone!! never thought someone would be able to do same app like Siri for blackberry!! would love to have a copy for my BB!!
    thanks alot BR and BachKhoa University !!!

  51. i will win!

  52. They reckon this is as good as Siri – fantastic. I’ll be telling my whole company about this. Who needs an Iphone…..??!!

  53. I can’t wait to be a winner of this great app thanks.

  54. i want one of these sayit ain’t so

  55. would be very handy.thanks

  56. Don’t Siri, SayIt

  57. I would love to get SayIt, it surely looks like an interesting application to try. Thanks to developers for working in this direction to keep pace with the competition and also for sharing these with us readers :)

  58. Would absolutely love to have this app on my Torch. Vlingo is nice but SayIt would be the bomb.

  59. I would love to win a free copy of this application.

  60. I would love to win this one please

  61. I would love to give this a go!

  62. This would definitely quiet a lot of the fanboys

  63. this would be sweet! sign me up!

  64. I’ve heard it’s BETTER than Siri….pick me!! :)

  65. I would like a copy. Thanks for the contest.

  66. this is really sweet. would love to have this app very much

  67. Ahh … a gadget app! Perfect! Count me in!

  68. Looks like a cool app. Maybe, I’d just get lucky this time and win :)

  69. I SayIt, ol chum, how about picking me!

  70. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about this app
    and wouldn’t mind winning it!!!

  71. Sweet ill take a copy

  72. Very nice. I have read some things about this and would love to try it out.

  73. this is some very good competition for SIRI, how they keep building on this.

  74. WOW, have been following this from the beginning very curious to see what this can do..would love to win this awesome app

  75. I want to talk with my phone!

  76. I agree with the other comments, Vlingo doesnt cut it and Siri needs some competition. Having an app like this that works would totally ROCK!

  77. Sayit ain’t so,
    BCMike’s just gotta know,
    is this better than vlingo?

  78. This would be a really cool app to have. Might even help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome since you wouldn’t have to type as much.

  79. Sounds great, would love to see it as a BB competitor to Siri.

  80. Take that apple!!

  81. Participating

  82. Count me in on this contest!

  83. this looks promising.

  84. Not sure if I’m eligible, but if so I’d love a copy 😀

  85. Definitely curious to try it out. Vlingo is cool, but I’m always looking for new options. Thanks for running yet another great contests.

  86. Would like to try this.

  87. Got Vlingo with Rim’s giveaway.
    Not impressed.
    I’d ‘seri’ously like to give Sayit a shot on my 9800.

  88. Would love to give this a try

  89. Looks interesting!

  90. cool app to win

  91. Sayit would be a Siri killer, I wish i can have it installed on my phone,

    just to say BB still lives, and Great Apps is stil in the work.

  92. Am a die hard Blackberry phone and playbook user, and program tester. I think am impressed, though we need to lead and not follow. SAY IT, my blackberry awaits an assistant. my screen is getting weary of being touched and a voice would help.

  93. Let’s try!

  94. Like it, looks great, thanks for the compedition

  95. I would love to have a copy of SayIt!! It would make my BB even better.

  96. I use Vlingo now but SayIt really looks promising and I’d love to be a part of it. Thank you!

    • I was lucky enough to win. Inspite of help from the developer and this site,
      I have not been able to install on my
      9800. Requires un-zipping and that costs another app. If anyone can explain how they installed, I’d certainly
      Like to know the details.

      • hi
        you may wanna log on to the developers blog and download it from there on your phone that should work.

      • By the way you when you download the zip file you can unzip it on windows( if you are using windows) without buying another app. and you could use bbsak to load it on your phone.

      • Wan’t aware that BSAK would have been of help.
        Didn’t attempt to download from my phone – only tried
        from my computer – wouldn’t work for me.
        I could transfer files via Bluetooth, though.

        As I was a winner, I received an OTA which did open.
        Ran into an error when trying to launch. Turns out I needed to update BBMessenger to the latest version via appWorld.
        Do that if you run into an error screen on your BB.

        • thats the best option, ota from his blog or using bbsak. dm did not work for me either. by the way if you do the OTA from his blog you will get the latest version.

  97. I use Vlingo now but SayIt really looks promising and I’d love to be a part of it. Thank you! Please allow me to win a copy!

  98. i win i win i love sayit app win from their website!

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