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What RIM is Up Against? (In Vino Veritas)

 En vino Veritas

I hate to categorize TechCrunch as “The Media” but RIM definitely has a perception problem/bias with some media outlets. Its almost like anything RIM does whether good or bad gets a negative spin. This was clearly made apparent in a live Ustream by Andrew Keen and Jordan Crook from TechCrunch at CES yesterday. As the old Latin phrase says In vino veritas (“in wine there is the truth"). You can clearly see what I mean if you skip to the 40 or 41 minute mark in the video below.

Personally I think this stems from RIM’s Canadian roots where they are just too damn nice. They need to start kicking ass and taking names with back to back launches starting with PlayBook OS 2.0 to BB10. They need both actions and words to turn the tide.

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  1. That was pathetic of Techcrunch. I’d like to think they would apologize to Alex for that outright BS but they won’t do anything of the sort. Fugg them and their BS ‘reporting’.

  2. F*** Techcrunch. Thats exactly why I do not visit that site or BGR. Apple FanBoys that love to Hate

  3. I would be embarrassed to be doing this kind of reporting or to hire such shitty “reporter”

  4. look bottom line is they were right…blackberry behind. it might be exciting to bb users who never had those features but as far as a game changer nothing really. I like this industry pressure…i hope people name drop bberry creative thinking instead of the competitors.

    • Have you at least SEEN the videos showing what OS2 is capable off?? RIM is behind, we know that, but it does not mean they will STAY behind.

      Just go look at that just the Contact app can do and you’ll get the picture.

      • Have you used the latest 5.0.1 from apple? Matter fact have you used any android tablet lately?

        • I did! iOS5 is a marvel, but it is not for everyone. And what tablets are you refering too? 2.1? 2.2? 2.3? Let’s just say I have. Not every tablet is that great and none of this takes away how good OS2 is.

    • I would have more respect for this “critics” if they equally weighted their criticisms.

      Focusing on RIM only shows their bias. I lost all respect when a site like techcrunch, which is supposedly independent, shows a bias.

      I think Alex handled this extremely well considering he was ambushed.

      Bad taste and unprofessional.

      I hope RIM never gives them the time of day.

      And from a business perspective… why do this? You just pissed off every blackberry fan that goes to your site and will likely prompt many of them NOT to go to your site.

      What did it accomplish?

  5. Forget about the whole BlackBerry like or hate thing but I’m just disgusted by their lack of professionalism these two clowns showed. This is the kind of BS blog reporting I am getting tired of seeing. I have no problem with fair criticism of RIM but when you completely make an ass of yourself like these clowns it takes away from any valid point they may have. Plus I mean the way they treated Alex was just to me plain wrong and hopefully they do send something to him cause the man was simply doing his job, which he does pretty well.

    • “I’m just disgusted by their lack of professionalism these two clowns showed. This is the kind of BS blog reporting I am getting tired of seeing”

      You said it all right there. Any serious company would have fired them.

      RIM fired the two drunk guys from the airplane news.

      • If you believe they will wake up one odd day and say let’s fire the guys that built this company your crazy stepping down will be legit.

        • Don’t they want Jim and Mike fired? Didn’t they too found the company?

          As a matter of fact, wasn’t Jobs fired?

          I fail to see your point…

  6. Its been understood for a long time now the the mainstreem media has had it out for RIM for a long time. How is it that it gets to go on for so long unchecked.
    Todays article in Bloomberg “RIM seen as to late with email to compete with apple” is just another example of the medias attemt to “debrand” RIM. Forever ever repeating the old drum beat of their precieved negatives. Never talking of the new software services from RIM and what they can do. When they have the ear of the world, yet they back their home team with an invisable campain of the perseption attack, What can be done.
    If the mainstreem media does it everyday, why just get mad at TC?

    • While articles like this are out of perspective… its done in a semi/full professional way.

      Techcrunch’s “interview” was mean overtly mean spirited and classless

  7. Maybe the “main stream media” reports negatively on RIM because RIM and it’s pathetically archaic software and hardware sucks. They are light years behind the competition.

    I have a 9900 through work (“the best Blackberry ever… gag!”) and a Galaxy II S LTE and there are no comparisons. BLACKBERRY SUCKS!

    • D. Coy. Thats exactly how these TechCrunch writers went into the interview. They clearly show their Apple bias and don’t even care what the competition has. I am not saying that RIM hasn’t had issues in 2011 but not even giving them a chance and recording your antics on film just makes these TC writers look petty and incompetent.

      • They think everything start and begin with apple. And get on video and swear iOS is the best thing since sliced bread.

      • Further to my point above. Almost every company has something to bash them about, yet, RIM is usually the one to pick on them about.

        Why no video of ripping Nokia or Motorola or Microsoft for. Those companies smartphone segments are ACTUALLY doing shitty.

        Go rip Microsoft for lack of marketshare. Go rip Motorola for LOSING money. Remember RIM is still making money hand over fist.

        Its pathetic

    • D.Coy

      well that’s your opinion, Bold 9900 rocks it’s one of the best smartphones out , it has the best keyboard, and with all the Blackberry shortcuts I am so much more productive and did you ever think that’s why your work device is a Blackberry? so that you’d be productive!!!

      • Don’t fool yourself, the 9900 is not one of the best smartphones out there. The reason that my company uses blackberry is that our IT manager mad a huge error in investing in a BES system and now can’t admit he was wrong or he would lose his job (his words, not mine).

        As for productive, my Galaxy NEVER freezes or requires a reboot. The lack of memory, processing power and lack of productivity apps hinder me on a daily basis.

        I’ve used iPhones, Androids and BB’s. BB’s are by far inferior to both. I’ll bet you have only used a BB so yes, to you, the 9900 is a great phone. To the real world, it’s a joke.

        • I’ve used iPhones, Androids and BB’s as well. I’m also currently supporting all three platforms in my organization
          Is BB behind technology wise & lacking in the app category? Yes. Is the BB “far inferior”? I wouldn’t say that. As far as I’m concerned, the messaging is still top-notch. My 9930 can run with the best of them in the email category. Also, my 9930 never freezes and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had to do a battery pull.
          Speaking as an IT manager (and a BES admin), it sounds like your IT guy needs to grow a pair. I’ve never considered my BES deployment an “error” in any sense of the word. BES is a must if you have BBs in your organization. The granularity of device control is amazing.

        • don’t fool myself? Just because I like something else, I am fooling myself, give it a break.

          My 9900 has never frozen and yes I had an IPhone 3, did not like the typing on it so my daughter inherited it now she’s on a 9790 you should see how she blazes through her messaging.

          btw IPhone 3 is a good phone but I preferred the BB, now I get the best of both worlds qwerty keyboard and touchscreen.

        • BB9930 has frozen on me like maybe 3 times in six months.

          Think of all the downtime you have stuck to a charging station, or being out late at night only to have your battery fail.

          I’ve seen this happen to friend’s apple and adroids more than 3 times in the last six months so don’t report that”it never happens to you” that’s just more ass talk.

    • Sorry, but you are just wrong. I had 5 days with an iPhone 4S. I would say, yes, i’s really nice, but it is NOT (that’s right, I said NOT) light years ahead of RIM’s 7.0 phones let alone the Playbook.

      Over those same 5 days I used my BB9930 to email, BBM, Twitter, Drive (turn by turn voice) looks up movies and buy tickets, look up where to eat, Obtain sports scores and watch videos. So what is it really that makes the iPhone “light years” ahead??? nothing.

      I admit, game playing is nice on the Apple, but I have a PB and it already has the top games AB, cut the rope, etc. I’m sure there are some great one for iPad that are not on PB, but how long before we see them?? Answer not long. So light years ahead, sorry I have to call you on talking out of your ass.

      The Playbook OS2 strikes me as better than anything Apple has. So pathetic archaic software – again you are caught ass talking.

      As for your Galaxy 2, sorry but it’s made by Samsung, so keep walking. We don’t want to buy consumer shit hardware which everyone knows is poorly built compared to top of the line companies like RIM, Apple, and Nokia. Samsung, no, forget it.

      The only serious issue RIM has is that there are so many dumb ass talkers like you out there that they will really have to work hard to walk through the crap you are putting out, and they have shown they are not good at marketing.

  8. i know what will make them stop…or maybe just minimize media hatred, A GOOD PRODUCT THAT COMPETES IN 2012 not this…at best its ok as a whole. who cares if you have badass hardware if it cant be used. and this is coming from a hardcore berry fan! i have yet to use my playbook video chat after almost a year of having it! industry expects more and so do i. oh and GO BLACKBERRY

  9. Get someone sober to conduct an objective interview… It was obvious, with the slurring of words that the TC folks were on happy juice… Shameful!

  10. Dude from Tech-Crunch is a Inbred Hillbilly Rat. This is exactly why I hate Apple Tards. They think they’re better than everybody else!

  11. I don’t like this report. First off being canadian doesn’t have nothing to do with their current state and don’t have nothing to do with marketshare. Everyones perception on marketshare is tainted due to reports like this. Yes RIM fell big time. I don’t see a reason for RIM to act like Microsoft and Apple “patent trolls”. This have iFan written all over it.

  12. Wow Ron! Seems you got a bunch of TC readers coming here. Your site never gets this amount of “BB Sucks” and “BB behind”…

    • RIM has always been late to the market. Looking back to the RIM, PALM & NOKIA days that’s what RIM does. Now everyone’s crying foul.

      • RIM has always been late to market? they INVENTED the mobile e-mail market. Unified mailbox? Give me a break, thats been around forever on BlackBerry devices. The Playbook is a new beast and yes, they should have released it with PIM, however that does not taint the rest of the device and the rest of the OS. Not everyone needs e-mail on a WIFI only tablet. At that point, why is it any different than a laptop in the same environment? If it were a 3G/4G device with no e-mail i could see a serious issue, but it isnt (yet).

        • Honestly it took RIM 1/2 years after palm to get a Blackberry with a color screen. if that isn’t late I would like to know what late is. More can be posted about RIM in the that era, not taking anything away from them. they found a way to survive and evolve the brand.

      • RIM wasn’t always late to market……….

        • I don’t have nothing against RIM. That’s the past they showing evolution in the making. What I don’t understand how could you bash something “QNX” that’s better than anything on the market now. Oh wait it doesn’t have 500,000 apps that’s BS.

          • It does not have 500.000 apps. It can still be better than what’s out there.

            A OS capability cannot and should not be based on the number of apps it has available.

            You have nothing against RIM? Your comments betray you…

            • cert is pro RIM.. just sometimes things get lost in translation… I think lol

              • I just don’t like how RIM sit there and let these baby bottle sucking punks talk stupid, and don’t do nothing about it. I love RIM and the BlackBerry brand even though I recently bought a droid razr that I hate now.

                • RIM has to be careful. They are too easy of marks. They need something truly good to be able to fight back.

                  There ammo is low at this point so they have to put on the nice face and look professional

                  Maybe once BB10 hits they can get aggressive.

                  They need the ammo though… and they don’t have it

  13. I think this post does a great job at highlighting just how bad RIM’s perception problem is, as well as how much some media outlets slant things in the negative direction for RIM.

    Like some other commenters, I almost felt more embarrassed for the TechCrunch employees. They seemingly knew what they were doing but kept right on going with their WWF-style slams and downright rude treatment of another human being. It almost smacks of soap opera.

    The extremely negative spin dished out so consistently and unfairly by the media has been somewhat of a turning point for my respect of the media. Sites like Gizmodo, for example. Gizmodo used to be my favorite tech site on the Internet. I’d check if several times a day, and I loved the things they covered. But my respect for them has been going down hill fast, for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that they trash RIM ad nausea. It feels less like news/reporting and more like a school yard where bullies have discovered that they have power over someone in a weak position, and pad bizarrely bad their ego by belittling someone else. It is rather sad that any and every article about RIM on Gizmodo is hugely negative — the cup is half empty. No wait, that’s being too nice. If the cup is half empty, then Gizmodo says it’s 90% empty. Any time I see an article with the word “BlackBerry” on Gizmodo I cringe. Then I click, and sure enough, it’s the same old negative spin. Sites like Gizmodo are so anti-RIM that I expect their readers would freak out and trash Gizmodo if they wrote anything with a positive spin.

    And I guess that’s it, right? Sites want to feed their followers… they want to confirm what their readers already think, to pad their egos. That makes their readers happy, so their readers keep coming back. Reporting still needs to be connected to reality, but as we see with RIM, that doesn’t mean that it can’t slant things pretty drastically.

    Anyway, yes, this TechCrunch interview is nauseating and I have about 0 respect for the male interviewer’s treatment of Alex and his framing of the interview.

  14. That wasn’t an interview, that was a drunken ambush.

    • Yes, you are right about that. Andrew wasn’t even allowed to speak! He still handled it very well despite the morons who were trying to blacken RIM’s name.

      Notice RIM didn’t put their company name on the tag. They really try to sell “BlackBerry”. They always have. Good for them!

  15. I hate TechCrunch, I stopped subscribing to their feed last year sometime… I’m close to doing the same with Gizmodo, Engadget and CNet… all three of those bash RIM all the time, but that’s not the only reason… they just have an arrogance with their reviews for any product, the only reason I don’t unsubscribe is because I want to find out about the latest stuff, but I think I’ll be on the search for a new source that isn’t as “EMOTIONAL”…

  16. The Verge is a great site for all things tech. Lol… wonder how long till they turn bad

  17. I absolutely hate Tech Crunch and can not take BGR anymore either. This is such BS all BlackBerry sites never have such Biased articles. I think the way they treated Alex is so unprofessional and they should be fire, these two reporters are the biggest losers ever thinking there shit don’t stink just look at how she reports. Any news articles from these company’s just spin the truth into bad news for RIMM when it is great news. They should have facts before they speak. Ill never go to there sites again. I’m so pissed off I’d like to go to CES today and knock out Dave for being such a moron.

  18. BGR is beyond hating now. They don’t even try. The Three Biggest Letters in Tech? Right.. thats why they miss 1/2 the tech world news.

    The Verge is the new all things tech site

    • All they do on iBGR is flame war on negative RIM articles they makeup.

      • even putting the RIM stuff aside, the site barely reports on tech news outside the mobile phone market.

        Go to the The Verge and see how much tech news there is…

        like I said.. BGR doesn’t even try anymore.

    • Sad thing is you rarely hear android users bash BlackBerry. Its the iFags that talk stupid when they know something is better than they beautiful walled garden.

    • John4lakers is the man his reviews are fair and honest. I love his 9900 review the best ever done.

      • Agreed. I like his take on how tech should be reviewed. The comparisons are usually fair as well.

        Can’t say the same for the rest of technobuffalo thou.

        Hey! We agreed on something!

  19. Also they say oh rimm had a small both well they have the QNX booth too, they are such morons!!

  20. Not much to say here that hasn’t already been said. Completely unprofessional and – RIM bashing aside – not the way you’d expect the representative of a tech enthusiast blog to treat anyone. Considering that their intent from the start was to troll RIM, Alex handled himself (and responded to them) far better than they deserved.

  21. This lacks professionalism. I would go write up comments voicing my opinion at TC but I don’t even want to give them the traffic. You got one drunk yuppie b**** and a drunk ignorant inbred hillbilly conducting probably on the the worst and most bias interview I’ve ever seen. these people should be fired

  22. The press ripping someone or some company is pretty common these days. These guys believe they’re safe because they have iPhones. They’re cozying up to Apple and Android because they don’t want RIM to have something they don’t have.

    With Apple having only about 5 products: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, MacBook, they can falter very easily too. One small misstep, and Apple could fall from #1 company in net worth to #400 in no time.

    So much misinformation going around! Someone wrote a recent post: Perception vs Reality. David Bigham? Excellent post! Trouble for RIM is Perception IS reality. This stupid assassination attempt by TechCrunch is what RIM needs to avoid. I like what they’re doing by reaching out to their loyal customers with freebies at CES. Good for them!

    Let’s face it. RIM is a small company, but they have done remarkable things! They’re not HUGE, but they are a stable company with great products. The company is refocusing on core technologies, and starting with BlackBerry 6, we saw a glimmer of life, followed by:

    – PlayBook launched April 2011
    – BlackBerry 7 devices launched August 2011
    – BlackBerry 7.1 launched January 2012
    – PlayBook 2.0 launching soon
    – BlackBerry 10 launching late summer

    Each launch is getting better than the last. That’s progress, and the last item mentioned will be killer!

    Funny that people are saying the PlayBook isn’t selling. Neither is Android tablets! The PlayBook isn’t perfect now, but it will soon rocket to the #2 spot with this update.

    No one will tell you that the PlayBook isn’t the most solidly built tablet around. Everything about it shows sheer genius in engineering. The two quality speakers create a wicked surround effect when gaming. Try it! Play NFS and turn up the volume. This thing just rocks!!!!

    Agreed that the software was late to mature, but 2.0 is going to be on my PlayBook in a few weeks. Those lucky folks who got PlayBooks at ridiculous discounts will be overwhelmed with their purchase. OS 2.0 is like having a brand new PlayBook!

    Congratulations, RIM. You’re doing good. Keep up the great work… just don’t slip on your target dates right now. The pressure is on because all eyes are on you, but I know you can deliver the goods 🙂

    Hey, having eyes on you is an opportunity to impress! There is always a different way to spin it.

  23. ^Exactly what he said. well said Joe..

  24. I never comment on these stories but I have to say this made me cringe. Regardless of how you feel about Blackberry, you have to admit the interviewers were just flat out rude & chock full of drunken douchieness. Advice to What’sErName: Take off the cowboy hat, it makes you like the friggin’ tool you are.

  25. Not the slightest bit surprised. I’ve said it before, my expectations of the tech world media and the blogging world is zilch. Nonexistent. So, something like this only further confirms my expectations…and no, I haven’t heard of TechCrunch.

    • Making it further pathetic is that the guy has probably never used a Blackberry in his life, or at least for more than a week. That’s why I don’t pay attention to these tech reviews, cars reviews etc…they get a loaner for a week and then are an “expert” on it but who in their right mind would invest much effort into learning a product when you’re going to move onto the next in a week?

      Also, one’s opinion will never be more accurate than my own user experience so… spit out whatever words out on the page you want, I don’t care because it won’t influence my user experience. The blackberry has a phenomenal keyboard. And I need a keyboard. Argue against that all you want. At the lowest level technology exists to fulfill a need so people who want to argue over/criticize my choice of technology…will never win.

      As for the interview, its just a poor reflection on the reporter himself.

  26. I watched the snipet before RIM, the D-Link home security camera, and thought the lady was painful to listen to, stopped once the a-clown came on, could tell right away they both had a serious chip on their shoulder.

  27. All I can say is wow, that was pathetic. Alex handled himself remarkably well. Techcrunch, you suck!

  28. Disgusting interview, I would be ashamed if I was Tech Crunch because of these reporters representing my company. Even in a general sense, it was just piety on the parts of those interviewing.

  29. Andrew Keen: Author of “The Cult of the Amateur” and Web 2.0 critic.

    In this video he may be one of the best examples of his own thesis. Sad.

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