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OS 2.0 Email Walkthrough as well as Calendar, Contacts and BES App Deployement

Some of the features that we all feel the PlayBook should have been launched with are now rising to the top, and RIM has chosen to showcase them at CES2012. We have already seen the demo videos from RIM but  CrackBerry has recorded some of their own from the show floor that give you more perspective. Definitely worth checking out.

First you will see a wonderful video on the email client in the works, it really looks like they worked hard on it, and the integration looks over the top!  From there it showcases the contacts and the calendar.

The second video shows how BES admins can deploy and authorize apps on corporate PlayBooks.  Previous with BES phones it was easy to do, but the PlayBook proved as a challenge as everything needs AppWorld.

I wont spoil anymore of it for you, here are the two videos!

On a side note, see if you can see where there is a BBX/L-series mention in the first video… a little Easter egg maybe planted for us?


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  1. There is maybe another easter egg right below the l series one

    Under January 12 you can make out:

    “Playbook OS 2.0 Launch Core M….” then under that is says Taking Place at CMO Board Room…

  2. Shame the demo “bombed” at the last hurdle (even tho he hit that contact key 3 to 4 times). Been there seen it and done it…

  3. Please take your trolling elsewhere.

    These videos are impressive

    Nuff said

    Go to crackberry

    • Trolling? I have a 64GB Playbook and am more than satisfied with what I have now,

      I was just talking about the professionalism of the video. Shame my post was deleted (never seen it happen before).

  4. Not that crackberry is a full on journalistic site, but, journalistically I give them respect for not hiding errors or bugs

  5. Christ guys I am not looking to get a “rise” out of you. Was just posting MY HONEST OPINION.

    I really don’t understand the reactions.

    • Simple. Up until this post you came off like a douchey troll. Now I accept your veiled apology and believe you are not trying overtly to be a troll.

  6. Lots of good ideas stolen from WebOS 🙂

  7. I don’t think the ideas are from web OS, it looks like Gist to me and RIM bought them.

    There is no question that RIM can build good things but will anyone know about them?

    I am excited to get 2.0 and to know that all this will be on phone.

  8. Wow this is lame….why would I want a calender based on people and not based on event. Makes no sense.
    And what about the freaking android player. I don’t want to pay 5 bucks for 99c apps or free apps that I can get on android. I am really scared to think RIM will pull another one and lie again this time sayin they never said there will be an Android player.

    • I am pretty sure they cannot be called liars about the Android Player as many of us have had it on their PB’s FOR MONTHS!!!!

      Jesus Christ…. is it so hard to believe they don’t want to push the name “Android” at an event that is almost being dominated by Android

      There is a fine line between promoting RIM and promoting Android

      Is for your calender comment… its only an extra feature and there is nothing saying you won’t be able to sort as you want.

      I highly doubt they went through ALL features of the Calender

    • I think there is no doubt that the Android player is here to stay. There is even a version working on Windows 8. Android will be everywhere very soon.

  9. Looking forward to using some of these features.

  10. Looking forward to it.

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