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RIM Showing Off BlackBerry OS 10 @ Mobile World Congress?

PlayBook With Torch

Well we know that RIM has already committed to shipping BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 by the end of February but now we have a new twist. RIM PR sent out an email prepping for Mobile World Congress which is happening in Barcelona from February 27th until March 1st. They confirm that 2012 is “The year of BlackBerry 10” and they will “be showcasing the capabilities of our future operating system.” Some are taking that to mean that RIM will actually show off BlackBerry OS 10 or even devices but I doubt that. The only thing that has me truly wondering is if RIM will simply rename the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 to BlackBerry 10…

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  1. I guess this means we wait until Feb 27 or 28 for 2.0. Well not surprised. That’s RIM: “OS2 in Feb” means 11:59pm on Feb 28th.

  2. I’m sure they’re just going to rename the update to BB10 for PlayBook if they can get normal features to work.
    That way they can claim that they’re shipping a BB10 device in Q1…

  3. RIM should come up with a better OS and apps. I am tired of all this crap. Bold 5, 6, 7 all are not up to measure. I need skype and flashplayer.

  4. The is a lot of information that indicates that PlayBook OS 2 and BB10 are not the same thing. BB10 is for the next generation of smartphones, set to be introduced this year. Most likely BB10 will show up on the PlayBook in the future as RIM moves towards a common operating system.

    BTW BlackBerry Review Team: If you want to join the ‘trash RIM at every opportunity’ crowd, get you facts straight

    • Hey Fixer1963. Not sure what you mean about the “lot of information that indicates PlayBook OS 2 and BB10 are not the same thing.” They really boil down to branding since both of them are the new QNX core OS with RIM’s whole ecosystem. Just to give you an idea RIM has not said anything other than phone capabilities that will be in BB10 but not PlayBook OS 2.0. I am sure there will be updates but PlayBook OS 2.0 is really just a precursor to BB10.

      Also where do you get the idea that we trash RIM at every opportunity? I think you may have us confused with somebody else…

  5. I’ve seen a number of posts over the last day that seem to link the announcement/introduction of BB 10 at Mobile World at the end of February to another example of RIM missing deadlines. Any number of people seem unable to see the difference between PB OS 2 and BB10, especially some self-proclaimed experts that blog on the subject. Since BB 10 is not PlayBook OS 2, I just see this as more unwarranted RIM bashing, since there have been no indictions from RIM that the PlayBook OS 2 release would be any later than originally expected.

    My understanding is that the PB OS 2 that will be released next month is the product presented last October. The BB 10, however, is a new operating system designed initially for the next generation smartphones, integrates BB OS7 with QNX, and is completely different. Eventually, BB 10 will make it to the PlayBook, giving RIM a single OS across all of its devices. I doubt that they will be able to rename PB OS 2 as BB 10 for this reason. Let me know if you think I’ve got this wrong.

    You’re right, I probably did get you confused with someone else…

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