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How To: Factory Reset/UnBrick a BlackBerry PlayBook

With all of the PlayBooks floating around now after the “Mega-Sale”, it is important to know some of the basics in case something goes wrong.  Whether we want to or not sometimes we need to Factory Reset our devices, and reload everything from scratch.  Or worst case scenario we go to use our device and it is bricked.

I will start with the disclaimer, following the directions that follow, you will lose all data you have on your PlayBook.  If your device is not a brick, you can easily back it up in Desktop Manager the same way you would a BlackBerry phone.

To start you will need to turn off your PlayBook.  From there start Desktop Manager,and connect your powered off PlayBook to the PC.  After a few moments an error message will show up on the screen similar to the one used in the title.

Click ‘Update’ and wait for Desktop Manager to do its thing. This process could take a while, so grab some popcorn. The whole process should be under an hour, but can vary. Once completed it will state it is finished and you can unplug your playbook. From here you will have to do the initial setup like when you first removed it from the box. Enjoy your factory fresh PlayBook!

Source: CrackBerry

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  1. Good post, Ricky. I’m sure this will help some folks.

  2. I have tried the method above without success. I really need to download the os 2.0!
    I have tried downloading it directly trough wifi and also through the Desktop software.

  3. Same here, ive tried the above method and its doesnt work with my playbook running 2.0 🙁

    i need to factory reset it as ive lost half of my apps that come with playbook.

  4. we bought two playbooks from dubai and we are from the Philippinnes… i gave the other one to a friend… later we found out that it is hard to set up playbook always getting 3000, 1001 errors… i have tried unbricking my playbook and it works… so as i am trying it to the other playbook (the one i gave to my friend) a pop up showed that update isnt available… help

  5. Go get popcorn, and maybe learn a second language. This thing takes its SWEET TIME…

  6. Bull…. The screen that you said pop up automatically so why do we need you to explain? so do you think we can’t even understand what is that mean by “Re-try” and “Update”?????

    • Please re word your issue in proper english.

      • What I mean is, your article(solution) her is pretty lame because this reset(pop up) dialog box is pretty self explanatory. Your solution here is not helpful at all… do you understand now? If not, I would strongly recommend you to go back to school and study harder in english.

        • Thank you for editting your posts, and wording them so we can all understand.

          The reason we write articles and tutorials like this are to help aid people in solving their issues. It also helps them with knowing what to expect and see, as some people are visual learners.

          I am sorry your english was so poor with no grammar the first time, that my request for you to try and explain your frustrations upset you. Using proper english the first time, and not making a fool of yourself can be helpful.

  7. This will not work if your playbook is bricked/won’t book but it works to downgrade firmware:
    – Do a factory reset and basic config after that
    – Hook it up to your PC with desktop software running
    – Extract the firmware to dingleberry 3.3.3’s custom firmware directory
    – Set developer mode on
    – Run dingleberry
    – Select custom firmware
    – Click firmware

    It takes about 30 mins on a 16GB PB. Confirmed from (or w/e the latest is) to, which then allowed me to re-dingle it with proper firmware and get root.

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