Want to add more storage to your rooted PlayBook? Here’s How!

Remember the teaser video floating around a few weeks ago with elTecnoBlog connecting a USB Drive to their PlayBook? Well now they have given a set of written instruction for all of the anxious rooters our there.

Ill throw the disclaimer in now, following the instructions that follow can permanantly damage your PlayBook, and BerryReview will not be held responsible if such actions happen.

First thing you will need to do is root your playbook with DingleBerry and obtain a USB OTG cable. You will also need the obvious, a PlayBook and a USB pen drive. The instructions that follow are from @guillemmateos and not of my own.  It has only been tested on a rooted 1.0.8xxx PlayBook, so results with OS2 betas may vary.

Here are Guillem’s instructions:

When you have your USB OTG cable, you can proceed to run the commands to load the necessary kernel drivers. The nice part is that everything is already on the PlayBook, so you don’t really need to upload anything. The commands you will need to run are the following:

slay RIM_usbmgr-Winchester
slay io-usb
slay devb-umass
sleep 2
RIM_usbmgr-Winchester -m0s
io-usb -domap4430-mg ioport=0x4a0ab000,irq=124
sleep 2
waitfor /dev/io-usb/io-usb 4
devb-umass cam pnp blk automount=+hd6t6:/accounts/1000/shared/usb:dos,automount=+hd6:/accounts/1000/shared/usb:dos


The only line you really need to pay attention to, is the last one. It shows where the pendrive will be automatically mounted after you connect it. You can specify different mount points for different partitions just separating them by comas (in my example command, hd6t6 and hd6 shown)

The other commands just kill the USB server running and start it with the required commands to be able to run the USB port as a host port. There is also a command to load the kernel driver (io-usb domap….).

Last step – Connect your pendrive

If all went well, you should now be able to connect your pendrive and access contents on the mount folder you selected. Please keep also in mind that you must first create this directory for the automount to work. I also noticed that sometimes the kernel modules does produce a bus error and crashes. If that happens, just try to run all the commands again.

Guillem would also like feedback from other rooters about their success using these instructions and other OS version. I have a feeling this is going to open up a lot of doors and elements of rooting and be very popular in the community.  Chime in and let us know what you think.

Source: elTecnoBlog

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  1. Thanks a lot !

    A great many people are making threads around the nets asking about expanding memory for Playbook via USB , and a great many people are replying unequivocally that it cannot be done … Great to see this news.

    Very interested to see if this works with 2.0

  2. Hi I would like to ask that if I’m getting a new playbook and it comes with os 2 can any one tell me is is save to root n add the pendrive function in n can any one help me step by step how to root it ?? I’m a blackberry fan but I haven’t been doing theese rooting stuff before n I’m not familiar with programing. this is my 1 tablet if posible add my bb pin: 295A4B5A

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