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Verizon Planning on Charging Customers $2 Convenience Fee for Online Payments

Verizon Convenience Fee

You have to love how carriers try to nickel and dime you. This time rumor has it that Verizon Wireless plans on squeezing another $2 out of customers who do not have autopay setup on their account and pay their bill monthly online. This “convenience charge” was spotted by Droid-Life and is intended to allow Verizon “to continue to support these bill payment options.”

So now we have a fee for paying your bill? My guess is next month AT&T will try to up the ante by making a fee to see your bill… Anybody else scared of what these monkeys will do if they control NFC payments?

 Verizon Convenience Fee2

Verizon Convenience Fee3

 Verizon Convenience Fee4

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  1. Haha @ AT&T upping the ante by adding a see-your-bill fee.

    Don’t kid like that. They just might do that. Wouldn’t put it past them.

  2. Oh and my response to carriers getting involved with NFC, that would be a definitive no! I have no doubts at all that they would charge for it or limit it in someway (or heck, just open it up to Carrier IQ so that every transaction/usage frequency can be seen). Unless I’m understanding the technology wrong, isn’t similar to a bluetooth chip….more hardware than data, so no I don’t want the carrier have any access to NFC at all.

  3. Well, as long as the auto debit is $2less (one word) then I wouldn’t worry about it.
    I had that same fee issue with kia finance…
    Also the DPS here in TX charges a convenience fee if you update your account online…same thing in my opinion.

  4. This sucks, but should anyone be surprised? The big carriers in the US don’t care about anything except finding new ways to squeeze every cent they can from you…

  5. Yeah it won’t take too long until they spin it into a “Discount” for autopaying your bill. I just love how they still say their monthly plans are $39.99 and then tack on $15+ in bogus charges per line on top of actual taxes. Regulatory recovery fees and all!

  6. 12/30/11. Nightime news reports the VZW billing fee has been rescinded.

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