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Rumour: OVER 9000?!?! Yes! It’s the BlackBerry 10000

There has been a lot of speculation on the use of 5 digit model numbers for BlackBerry for a while,  with the latest device being the 9981 there isn’t much further they can go with four. It also makes sense to start with ’10’ for the new bb10 devices.  It could play out in a probable situation for them in terms of branding and the next step for RIM.

N4BB has just outed an Asurion screen cap of an internal form that shows the BlackBerry Torch 10000 in a drop down menu. In a further selection menu AT&T is also listed as a carrier for the device. Could this be the London? Im also curious to see what model this is, because they list it as a Torch.

The iPhone 5 is also listed in the menus on the system, let us know what you think!

Source: N4BB

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  1. Probably just placeholders…

  2. I say instead of 5 digits, use X with 3 digits…X100 X200 X300, obviously reserved for BBX (duh, there I go again) devices only.

    • @Daniel, not a bad idea at all! 10000+ would not flow as nice…

      • SMH…when RIM was told they couldn’t use BBX they should have just dropped the BB and officially called it X. BlackBerry X. They own Blackberry so go ahead and try to block “X” all you want. And the BB world would still call it BBX anyway. Just don’t officially use BBX.

        So, using X###….gives you the best of both worlds. Market the new OS, plus easy to identify.

  3. I want the Blackberry 11111

  4. Hahah, I want the 99900. Rolls off the tongue alright too “99-900” lol

  5. 5 digit model numbers + including the model number in marketing / ordering = more rim epic fail.

    Hmmm should I get an iPhone 5, a galaxy nexus, and or a blackberry 10320 (with no useful app for playing podcasts)?

    At this stage nothing rim does surprises me anymore.

  6. What do you mean no useful app for playing podcasts? I’m not a serious podcast listener but I listen to a few and manage them in Winamp and sync them to my BB with the rest of my music and play through the BB media player.

  7. Not disagreeing but maybe one of us is missing out on something, maybe listen to more if I could shop/manage right from my BB, maybe not.

  8. Daniel, I like your Blackberry X idea and using X in the model numbers. However, I’d put it at the end of the number – 9800X could be the Blackberry X Torch.

    • While I agree with that example, I said that thinking that the devices will be consistent with what is the new era for RIM, new OS, new hardware. But, I could be wrong of course. I think they do need to continue with a full lineup that includes a full touch (some leaks already), a slider (such as the torch), QWERTY and even a candybar (pearl) so if we saw some of the current hardware styles and just add an X to the end? Sure, I’d have no problem with that.

      Still, its 5 digits and I really think RIM does need to make every effort to aid the perception/give the impression that it is a new era and if they just add an X to the end of the current #s and even worse, keep the same designs, I’m not sure the consumer will make the distinction. Say what you want about the Porsche BB, but it is unlike any BB we’ve seen before. That’s what RIM needs. A new image of sorts.

  9. I really think a picture of Vegeta is need in this post

  10. here Flash0p

  11. Please no. It sounds like a bad joke.

  12. Daniel, I hadn’t thought about how keeping the same numbers with just an X at the end might be perceived. Maybe they need to follow Jaguar’s lead and name them with two letters. The first would be an X and the second would signify the form factor. The XS could be a slider. The XT could be a full touchscreen. XF could be a flip phone. and XC could be the a Bold-like candy bar model with physical keyboard.

    • That would work too but if they go that route they need to chop off 2 digits. XQ99, XQ97…which brings up the whole confusion issue of 9900/9930. I feel like I’ve seen articles on the web (not necessary BR) explaining the difference between the 8330 and the 8310 or 9900 vs the 9930, etc. My guess is the general consumer has no idea what CDMA vs GSM is so if that is the main difference between 9900/9930…don’t even bother with the xx. Put G or C on the inside of the battery door to distinguish one from the other on the manufacturing line because otherwise, its just confusing (some people, not all).

  13. No imagination at all! 5 digits is too much for folks to remember. What about X1010 or even X110? C’mon!

  14. Sorry Daniel, I didn’t see your suggestion is pretty much the same as mine. Nice idea 🙂

  15. The BlackBerry X35, wasn’t that a test airplane one of the X series like the phantom and the raptor?
    I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to resolve such a dilemma but an X somewhere (or a letter) to break up the serial number…I mean model number for the phones.

  16. There is the F-35/JSF…could have been referred to as the X35 during development phase.

    Certainly a lot of possibilities, especially better than 5 digits, but I keep going back to X100, X200, X300 etc. Keep it short, simple, easily identifiable but indicative of a new era BB.

  17. The 10 is fine, but needs to be 4 digits, such as 1050 which can be called the ten fifty.

    I am sad to see the Torch name, not becuase I don’t like it but because RIM really needs to make a break with these products. To signal to consumers that they are really different. RIM just doesn’t seem to get how badly their products are viewed in the US, a MAJOR break is needed.

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