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FreeHand Gloves Review

Winter has arrived full force and with it, the variety of gloves and mittens to keep those hands warm. One company I have discovered, Freehands, carries several kinds of gloves that allow for usage of touch phones and tablets. They offer different materials, such as basic wool and even leather, for both men and women. I had the opportunity to review an attractive and colorful wool glove with removable forefinger and thumb caps and another pair of basic black unisex gloves with conductive tips on all fingers.

Power Stretch 5-Finger Liner

The gloves have silver plated polyamide tips on all fingers for the purpose of using your chosen device without freezing your hands. The tips of each finger are sewn squarely, instead of the usual rounded, making the tops a bit too big for my own fingers. When I tried to use my tablet, repeated touches to the screen did  nothing, unless I pulled the glove tightly around one or two fingers. Those attempts were significantly more successful, although I still had to use some extra force against the touchscreen. Keeping the tip pulled back and tight-fitted around my finger also

helped type the small letters on my phone. The gloves are lightweight and relatively thin, made from Polartec material which is designed to keep your hands insulated, but dry.  A patterned silicon layer on the palm side aids your grip

They are comfortable to wear and have maximum flexibility. states that these gloves sold out last year and I can see why. Even though I have to work a bit harder to successfully use my device with the fingertips, I was still able to do what I needed to do and not have to take off my gloves.

Hearts and Stripes, Womens Gloves
You are outside in the freezing weather and receive a text message from your friend running late. Luckily, your holiday present were these very cool Freehands gloves that you are trying out for the first time. You just pop the tops, type the quick text back and recover your warmth in seconds when you pull the tops back on. These wool gloves are fun and attractive for the female crowd, like me. They do come in other colors and patterns as well. They are very useful and well thought-out.
As you use your selected device outside in the cold, you do not constantly pushing back the covers from getting in the way as you type. The covers attach to the back of your finger with magnets! The magnets are thin and sewn inside. You can barely see them.

The amount of finger and thumb that are forced to be out in the cold is as minimal as necessary and the little covers can quickly jump back into place when you are done.


I would definitely switch out my plain black leather gloves for the colorful, finger pop-top gloves during this winter season. The Power Stretch gloves are just as useful, but not quite as attractive for a fashionista like me.  My husband gets to use them 🙂

You can find quite a few FreeHand Gloves options at Amazon or directly at

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  1. Who needs gloves with a touchpad on a BlackBerry 😀 It works great with them on!

  2. Unless you have a touchscreen BlackBerry 🙂

  3. Problem with gloves like these is it’s a sacrifice between warmth and dexterity. And they tend to still be bulky and unable to keep you warm…

  4. I’ve been considering AGloves but again, the question of how similarly, the question of how effective are they in keeping you warm.

  5. They don’t do size exchange! Their size is larger than general! I got a medium size for men, and I wanted to change it. I mailed to their company, and I got refused mail back!

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