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Four More Days of BlackBerry PlayBook Discounts

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  1. Hopefully the price will “return” to $299 for the 16 GB model after the sale: $299, $399, $499.

    RIM needs to keep pushing these awesome babies out there. Those who got one over the holidays will show them to their buddies and families. They’ll want to get one too. Word of mouth will spread the good news, but it does take a bit of time. Pushing the price back to $499 for the 16 GB will kill any momentum RIM might have gathered over the last month or so.

    I feel that a 4G PlayBook is in the works. I don’t think it will be a 10-incher because RIM has a good thing going with the 7-inch device right now. 10-inches is a harder sell as the iPad has that market locked down, plus RIM will now have to sell a more expensive device at closer to the price of the iPad. Not a chance!

    While the PlayBook ecosystem grows, RIM needs to push these little guys out. RIM is apparently killing AIR support and Java in PlayBook 2.0, which will reduce the number of PlayBook compatible apps. It’s strange they’re getting rid of Java but supporting Android at the same time! :/ AIR sucks, but Java would have been great to support because of the portability factor. You need the apps.

  2. Momentum garnered not “gathered”. My bad!

    The 4G PlayBook is not for everyone. It will make the device more “accessible” to folks without BlackBerrys or folks with a demand for the fastest network performance.

    I love my WiFi PlayBook because I don’t have to pay for another 3G/4G service. The Mobile WiFi hotspot capability in BlackBerry 7.1 will be fantastic, and it will be another good option to the BlackBerry Bridge feature.

    Because of me 😉 my wife now has a PlayBook and my brother too! I think my brother’s wife also wants one. This is how the device will re-establish its name. People are starting to see how good a device this is.

    Nevertheless, the common complaints are:

    – Fewer available apps than iPad or Android
    – No native email, calendar, contacts, tasks
    – No default cloud-based service
    – No 3G/4G PlayBook
    – No 5 minute Getting Started video that comes up when you first login to show gestures, etc.
    – Pathetic Music Store app! Does RIM even know this is broken??? Very sad that there is no music store. For an amazing multimedia device, this is a HUGE GAPING HOLE!
    – No support for Skype or other common video chat services. Video Chat could be a killer app on the PlayBook, but instead someone at RIM sat on it.

    Yes, Video Chat is available, but you can only video call other PlayBook users. Yes, ONLY PlayBook users. Even BlackBerry users were left out in the cold with NO front camera on the BlackBerry 7 devices. AN OPPORTUNITY MISSED!

    I know there is a 2 minute thing when you register the PlayBook, but it only shows swiping up and down from the bezel. What about the other basics like swiping down diagonally from the corners or up diagonally from the left for the keyboard. None techies won’t know what to do!

    I discovered “Discover Now!” on App World. In case folks don’t know about this, Discover Now! has a bunch of extremely helpful How-To videos that is a real godsend for those new to the PlayBook. This app should be installed on EVERY PlayBook by default, and it should be what people see when they first encounter the PlayBook. Why is this an app you have to find and install later? Get real!

    There is no BlackBerry cloud-based services so one has to look for such services from Google or Dropbox — not so good for non-technical users!! I’m regularly having to help folks get theirs set up so they can use it: creating accounts on those other services.

    If I worked at RIM, I’d be constantly asking: how can we make this better and easier to use? Easy to use and configure cloud-based services for docs, music, photos, video, etc. 🙂 Voice commands would be nice 🙂 Linking contacts and making VoIP calls via a BT headset would be nice 🙂 Work with Microsoft to write a Skype app for PlayBook, with video calling capabilities! That would be sooo sweeeet!! Stop dropping the ball RIM, get on it while you still can!

    These are killer COOL things that RIM could easily add to the PlayBook!! They need time to do it and to do it right, but that time is rapidly shrinking due to some serious mis-steps and oversights. I still have faith that they will come through with something good but I some folks are already starting not to care. This is a big problem RIM needs to fix fast. They need to work with their partners to build a strong platform. They can’t do it alone; but they need to be very wary who they’re giving inside information to. Folks desperately want RIM’s technology as it is very unique from the others. RIM needs to protect that, but they need to leverage their “friends” to help them make the PlayBook and BlackBerry UNITY (what I call BB10 — cough! bad name!!!) a success!

    BTW, I !!!LOVE!!! the Files & Folders app on the PlayBook! Kudos to those Innovatology guys for a GREAT app! Easy integration with Google Docs, Dropbox,, etc. Of course, it allows you to browse your PlayBook’s files, and even supports ZIP files! $3 on App World. Get it! There is also a free trial available, if you can see how much this rocks before you commit! Take it from me, this is A MUST HAVE!!!!

  3. How exactly are you going to view any documents properly on a 7″ screen?

    A full 10 inch screen is one of the features which sells the iPad.

    Additionally, wanting cool features is a far cry from actually having any: the playbook hasn’t got any.

    You wasted your money on a high tech door stop.

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