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BBM Canada Suing RIM Over BBM Trademark

BBM People

The legal battles continue for RIM. The Globe and Mail is reporting that a Canadian company, BBM Group, is suing RIM over them using the BBM name. I don’t remember when RIM started simply calling BlackBerry Messenger BBM but it is a relatively new thing. On the other hand BBM Canada, a broadcast industry group, decided to sue RIM after attempts to negotiate with RIM failed. They tried to get RIM to pay for them to rebrand their groups name which has been around for awhile and they claim they own the trademark on BBM in both the US and Canada which they have used for six decades.

I am not sure where the confusion would come from between a instant messaging platform and a industry group that collects statistics on television and radio industries. That is usually the basis of trademark claims since they are issued for certain industries. For example, supermarkets are allowed to sell apple pie. 🙂 Still I am not an intellectual property expert. Only time will tell how this drama will unfold.

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  1. Where’s Johnny Cochran when u need him! The glove obviously doesn’t fit!

  2. They just want some money and will shut up

  3. Not a hope in hell they will win.

    • Who? I think their respective industries are so different that they clearly are just out to get money.

      Rim won’t let bbm die and will pay pay pay for this to go away.

      Look at asus transformer prime lol hasbro is suing. That was just blatant rip off.

  4. If BBM Canada does own the trademark RIM should’ve done the right thing and negotiated with them. BBM Canada actually seems to be being considerate in this case since they offered to rebrand themselves if costs were covered – they could’ve straightout sued RIM for using their trademark and prevented RIM from doing so in the future.

    Years ago the World Wildlife Fund made the World Wrestling Federation stop using their name since the Wildlife fund owned the trademark for WWF.

    This site really seems to be turning into more and more of a fanboi paradise. If a new company came along and tried to use a RIM trademark I doubt anyone would be making the arguement that it would be okay for them to do so.

  5. I forgot to mention, part of trademark law (at least a few years back when I was looking at trademarking some terms) is that you have to pursue legal action whenever you think your trademark is being misused – if you don`t you can wind up losing rights to that trademark since you didn`t take steps to protect it.

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