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Love in the Time of “Anonymous High-level RIM Employees”


Every few months another “Anonymous High Level RIM Employee” seems to pick up the phone and call the BGR to share some doom or gloom. The latest entertainment comes from one of BGR’s “most trusted sources” who is also a “high-level RIM employee.” Here his some of the latest inflammatory tidbits out of this anonymous source who still seems to be working at RIM…

  1. “…the PlayBook 2.0 OS developers have been testing is a crystal clear window into the current state of BlackBerry 10 on smartphones. No email, no BlackBerry Messenger — it’s almost identical”
    • This high level employee must have very limited access. I have actually used PlayBooks that have native email, contacts, calendar, etc (ActiveSync) though he is right about BBM. Still even RIM has said that native BBM is coming later…
  2. “Email and PIM is a better on an 8700 than it is on BlackBerry 10”
    1. Wait a minute. I thought there was no email or PIM?
  3. “We also have some more background on why RIM’s BlackBerry 10 smartphones are delayed, and it has nothing to do with a new LTE chipset that RIM is waiting on…” “RIM is simply pushing this out as long as they can for one reason, they don’t have a working product yet.”
    • This “High Level RIM Employee” must have not been allowed to play with the Colt before it was made a dev-only device. Once RIM decided they needed LTE to make North American carriers happy they realized they would either have to stoop to Android LTE device battery horrors or wait for Qualcomm.
  4. “RIM is betting its business on a platform and ecosystem that isn’t even as good as iPhone OS 1.0 or Android 2.0.”
    • That is a pretty strong statement to make without any explanation. Keep in mind iOS 1.0 did not even have third party apps and Android 2.0 did not have pinch to zoom in the browser…
  5. “There’s no room for a fourth ecosystem”
    • Says who?
  6. “and DingleBerry also works on BlackBerry 10.”
    • It all depends on what you call BlackBerry 10… It is public information that it quasi works on the PlayBook OS 2.0 beta.

All in all this seems like some linkbait but its always entertaining. Still it is way to early to pass any judgment on BlackBerry 10 phones especially when RIMs announced timeline has it coming in the 2nd half of 2012. RIM should have had BlackBerry 10 or whatever you want to call their next generation platform ready way before 2012 but they definitely have a chance to reclaim their glory. Now it is all about proper execution.

PS: I still think it couldn’t hurt if RIM hired a large team of “Ass Kickers” whose main job is to cut through the red tape and release products faster…

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  1. I read that stinking pile of BS this morning. So full of holes (as you have accurately shown) that I think I may buy it as a noodle strainer present for one of my in-laws this Christmas.

    It’s disturbing how much RIM bashing one site can do. It makes it so hard to use them as a credible source for anything. Heck, I’d trust a Gawker gossip site before BGR. If the article doesn’t have a press-release to go along with the info, don’t trust ’em.

    Keep up the great work Luis and the entire BR Team.

  2. Well said

  3. I went on bgr and was thinking of how to attack this, then I realized bgr had already won, as I was on bgr and gave him a page hit.

    Fuc* BGR

  4. Thanks for the information Luis. One issue, though, is whether the native email is just “Activesync” or whether it uses the NOC (just like regular BB emails). I personally don’t care either way, but would just like to know…

  5. seriously did Jim or Mike peed in boyNOTSOgenious cheetos bowl?
    he wrote that Mike lied …thats a dangerous thing to say… i hope they get sued for that

    ps RIMFAIL i think its the bNSg new nickname lol

  6. I knew it was a stinking pile as soon as they said it had no email. Crackberry Kevin has already stated that he has an OS with it although he can’t say anything about it due to a NDR.

    I do think they could leave themselves open to a lawsuit by calling RIM liars. I’m not quite sure what constitutes libel or slander.

  7. All in all none of this really matters! I for one am getting very annoyed at the constant updates of seems like every App on the market. I would like to see every one slow down and make an App or OS that won’t need to be updated every other day.
    It is quit evident that RIM fell asleep at the wheel and has been rushing to try and stay in the game, while every one else keeps moving ahead.
    I bought a B.B. 4 years ago not because they were the fanciest or had the newest features, but because they just worked and I didn’t have to mess around with it all the time. I now have 5 B.B.s and every one of them is reliable and dependable.
    RIM needs to stick with what they do best and insure that there product maintains the same standards that made them what they are today.
    In my eyes the Play Book is a dismal failure and was out dated before it ever hit the shelves. If RIM continues turning out products that are incomplete and troublesome they will very quickly loose the confidence of there customers and those customers will move on to other products.
    Good luck RIM. I hope you can pull this one out.

  8. The biggest joke:
    BlackBerry OS 10 is not finished yet. Dingleberry is also working on Blackberry OS 10.

    This is a contradiction of the whole article does not credible.

    Best regards from Germany. Keep it up.


  9. I stopped reading BGR a longtime ago. They love to hate on Rim

  10. Hans, you bring up a good point. Considering that Dingleberry requires a backup from a vulnerable state (hence the need to go back to an older version if you have the current beta), how can Dingleberry root it?

  11. As one commenter stated, BGR is th TMZ of blog sites. Lame.

    I’m all for stating facts (and RIM is behind the 8 ball), but BGR has never hid the fact that they are Apple fanatics and RIM bashers.

  12. I have to wonder who the supposed high level employee was. My guess is it’s one of the disorderly execs who was drunk and excused off the flight a bit back. BGR’s so correct that Sprint was getting the iPhone 5 (lol) and let’s not forget other numerous nonexistent myths that have appeared there. They should change their name to BMM for Big Milk of Magnesia because they’re full of it.

  13. This comes as Angry Birds comes out on the playbook, that really must have pissed BGR off big time. And it was 3 AB games, he must have been floored.

    I think BGR os scared that RIM really will produce a high-end product that could knock Apple off the desirabilty chart. I don’t think that will happen but Apple fanboys have irrational fears.

    • Things have clearly gotten nasty between bgr and rim.. At least from bgr.

      He has clearly been banned or shunned from attending rim events as he nor his staff go to any rim events

      Its sad really given the clearly conflicting in his own post let alone what the community actually knows is happening

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