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BlackBerry Bold 9900 Gets Its Own “Night Bikes” Commercial

 Night Bikes

About 3 weeks back RIM posted a cool new “Night Bikes” commercial for the BlackBerry Curve 9350/60/70 and then yanked it for some reason. That has not stopped them from posting a follow up commercial in their “Be Bold” series for the BlackBerry Bold 9900. They seem to be pushing BBM and social features of the BlackBerry so I guess that fits into RIM’s goal of stressing their differentiators like BBM.

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  1. the new ads need to be simpler and more to the point

  2. I saw the commercial last night. I can’t remember what I was watching at the time. I didn’t think it really stressed why someone would want a BB over an iPhone or Android though. They need to really concentrate on what sets them apart.

    • BBMARChat & Wikitude are cool, but they flashed by so quick! Also the D (delivered) & R (received) status on instant msg is super great: this feature is extremely lacking on SMS.

  3. yes.. hopefully this is not what they have in store

    advertising like this is too vague and has no impact

  4. RIMM needs to follow the KISS rule – Keep It Simple Stupid!

  5. afraid of a troll lawyering up the tron similarity?

  6. Whatever, I just want one of the bikes…. How cool is that.

  7. Where can I get one of those bikes? O.o I want one 😀

  8. Are they selling bikes or phones? I’m sold on the bike!

  9. where do I get one of those bikes?!?!?
    seriously tho , no joke, i WANT one of those bikes!!

  10. it is around 1:30 am here in Montreal. Was just watching ‘Batman Returns’ on the Space Channel. Just saw the BlackBerry Bold commerical with those fabulous Night Bikes for the first time..I have DVR so I have rewatched the commercial a half dozen times now.. I don’t have a BlackBerry nor do I ever want one, but I will take one of those really super cool Night Bikes..I like the commercial for the bikes alone. Happy Holidays..
    Kirk (Montreal, Canada) Dec 23/2012

  11. This commercial was about phones?? Where do I get a glow bike?!

  12. They could make a killing selling the bike!

  13. Buy a Night Bike and get a free BBB 🙂
    or vice versa…

  14. I wonder now if this commercial will entise bikers to really trick their bike out..i know i want to after seeing that cool ad.

  15. Yeah seriously where can I get one of those bikes?!

  16. all I could find on the Dark Bikes aka Glow in the Dark Bikes…
    Though it seems things have advanced greatly since this article… anyone know more? You have to love the technology, I mean how could anyone say they didn’t see these bikes at night?!!

  17. Please some one, this seems ridiculous that no one can find an actual “Night Bike” or dark bike. I’ve visited several sites and blogs ect. Consisting of nothing, but post with the same Q&A where can I get one?? The commercial obviously portrays a light up bike with what seems to be of LED nature, not glow in the dark. The glow in the dark bikes that I keep coming across are pretty neat, but not worth 2000 freaking dollars!? I want the real deal.

  18. I retract my boldness. It’s a normal bike. With extremely bright glow in the dark paint and powder base. You can see the paint cans at the start of the commercial. Hope this site helps. Buying the equipment to do-it-yourself sounds better then paying a far 2000.

  19. Where can i purchase one of those bikes ?

  20. I want one of those bikes!!! Seriously! Where and how much?

  21. I want to win this
    Thanks for this

  22. Woah, cool bikes , and probably a ton of fun!

  23. Searched a bit, the closest I could come to finding these night bikes is at this site:

    This guy created a powder-coating using glow-in-the-ldark paint. Seems all you’d need is a place to sand blast your bike & powder coat it with glow-in-the-dark paint. Easy enough, right?

  24. who cares about the stupid phone. How can I get my bike to look like that!!!!!!!!!

    • You don’t even need to sand blast the bike. Just pick up some heavy body paint remover from a local hardwatre store. It is kind of messy and I have gloves, goggles and all that good stuff. I can’t wait to see it in a couple of days. I think I will ride with friends at night if I can get them to do the same.

    • Oh, forgot one IMPORTANT thing…it’s glow in the dark paint after all the original paint has been removed.

    • Oh, and another great way to get a similiar night bike, especially if you’re not that adventurous is hopefully buying LED by Lite. I guess three people have invented this type of illumination for your bike that will be on the market very soon, if not already. Google LED by Lite to check out the short descriptive video.

  25. Best Mobile for me i hope I win this

  26. You guys need to look at the commercial a little closer. It clearly states “images are simulated” uh Duh Dar haha

  27. I REALLY want one of those bikes! Does anyone know where to get one? whoever starts selling them is gonna make a fortune. I just can’t believe no one thought of it sooner.

  28. Hey….does anybody know what city that commercial was shot?

  29. It’s shot in Berlin…

  30. This time I don’t want to miss this

  31. The bikes are great and i would like one as well. With that being said,the phone fits the image/mindset of those of us who like the bikes. Seriously over the top!

  32. Puma has the bikes coming out n the spring : )

  33. I just emailed Puma about the glow in the dark frames & got this response from Biomega, their partner company:

    Hi Jamie,
    This was done about 4 years ago with the PUMA glow rider. See the link below. Unfortunately there is no plan for doing this again. Feel free to check out the current lineup of bikes at They are all on sale for 50% off at

    So, I’m not sure if Puma is going to release these in the spring.

    Also, if you plan on making this a DIY project, most glow-in-the-dark paints are water-based/water-soluble. You are will need to apply a clear coat on top of it to keep it from running after the first rain storm.

  34. I will be win Insha Allah

  35. I never win any device may this i will be win

  36. I would totally buy that paint if it didn’t require a black light to see it, but I did improve my bike with some wheel bike lights that I found at Check them out, they are super bright!


    Here is a guy that actually made a Night Bike, inspired by the BB commerical. step by step instructions are given.

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