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Angry Birds Now Available for the BlackBerry PlayBook (Including Rio & Seasons)


Well RIM finally made good on their promise that Angry Birds was coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM let us know that all three titles from Rovio are now in App World. That includes the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Seasons. I just tried one of the games and the gameplay is really smooth. The only catch is that each of the games is selling for $4.99 and there does not seem to be a free ad supported version out there. Hopefully one is coming!

You can find all three Angry Birds titles in App World for $4.99 each:

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  1. WHAT!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am such a hypocrite… I always poop on Angry Birds, but, I admit.. when I saw this post I was and am super pumped lol!!

  3. Awesome. $4.99 is a little steep. But its gonna sell like crazy for sure. I might try to hold out for a sale, but I find myself wanting it more even as I type this. Haha

    • LOL….. us PB owners are SO STARVED for apps… Rovio is going to make a killing on this at $4.99!

      I consider buying apps of major developers a personal investment into the Playbook

    • Hmm.. How much was EA games and Gameloft when it first launched though.. Hehe

      • most were $9.99 right? I think they still are, except they are on sale and have been on sale for a while.

        Monopoly is $9.99

        This is overall a very good sign. Once the big boys starting getting in the water and seeing that Playbook owners DO BUY apps… the rest will jump in fast

      • True Terrence. Its just frustrating that us BB owners have to pay premium prices for apps available for much less or even free on other platforms. I’m not saying this should be free and I’m sure Rovio will make a ton from us malnourished PB lovers. Boxing Day sale perhaps? Haha

  4. Never one to get into the whole Angry Birds craze, but I’m happy and somewhat giddy to see this on the PlayBook! Just in time for the holidays too!

  5. That’s great news!!! Because that Battle Frogging game stinks. It’s very hard to control the catapault.

  6. Well another way to burn time. Long awaited.

  7. Congrats to the PlayBook team. This is big news for the PlayBook community!

    Fingers crossed for Netflix, that would be a second very significant event.

  8. Just bought one and it’s realllly good! Originally bought it just to show support to the platform and the developers (like when I bought other more expensive titles). But when I tried this one out, it way exceeded my expectations!

    And BTW for those who think Angry Birds are more expensive on PB, the HD version for iPad is selling for the same price!

  9. With any luck other developers will also see the Playbook as worthwhile. Hopefully for more than just games.

  10. FWIW, it’s the same price as it is on the iPad. Wish they had a free version for the Playbook as well.

  11. Awesome! $4.99 is the same price as a coffee but Angry Birds will last a helluva lot longer! Good news for the Playbook!

  12. Thanks to RIM for making this available for all PlayBook users. I used to be jealous when other tablet users used to play this but not my PLAYBOOK. Now I’m also at per with them 🙂

  13. Also, check out Angry Pigs (for BlackBerry devices) in App World. 😉

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