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Giveaway: Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium (Two Copies)

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A while back, Adobe Systems announced that they were giving away free licenses to their Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium to all DevCon Asia 2011, Singapore, attendees. Well, in case you’ve missed the event and yearning for a license to the software, fear not! We have something here to make your day!

More recently, Adobe also released an update to version 4.6 which you will be able to update to as well.

Adobe® Flash® Builder® 4.6 Premium software is an Eclipse™ based development tool for rapidly building standout mobile, web, and desktop applications using ActionScript® and the open source Flex framework. Use professional testing tools to build higher performing applications.

More information about the Adobe Flash Builder can be found at Adobe’s website.

GIVEAWAY: We have on hand 2 licenses to this amazing software, and to have a chance at winning a license, simply leave a comment below. Comments must be left before Friday December 23.
Note: You must be registered and logged in to BerryReview when leaving comments for them to be included in the giveaway draw.

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  1. I want win a free copy of Adobe Flash Builder 4.5

  2. Hi!
    Great giveaway! Excellent Xmas gift! Hope to be one of the lucky winners ;)… And good luck to everyone :)!


  3. I am using eval version of Adobe flash Premium 4.6 and its awesome! Have apps working on iOS, Android and (soon) BBT. Would love to get an official license so that I can continue development.

  4. I am using eval version of Adobe Flash Builder Premium 4.6 and its awesome! Have apps working on iOS, Android and (soon) BBT. Would love to get an official license so that I can continue development.

  5. I’d just like a license to see what is potentially viable before I contemplate to unleash my 5000 developers to build the NEXT BIG thing with Adobe Flash (or maybe not). #Cough #Cough

  6. Now that’s a give away…I’m in.

  7. I’m still developing apps in Flex 3.5 for work. I don’t have a home license, but a license for 4.5 would be awesome – finally a way to develop some of my own apps and have them available on mobile devices too!

  8. !
    I’ve resigned myself to working with command line tools for AIR SDK work, because of the high price tag of this license.

  9. I wish I get one. Thank to Berry Review

  10. i am in for one too.

  11. Regardless of the recent announcements from Adobe regarding the future of Flex, it is still the best way to deliver apps across mobile platforms (via AIR) and yes, I’d love me one of your Flash Builder licenses too 😉

  12. I would love a FREE copy of Adobe Flash!

  13. I’d love to win a copy of this as my trial has expired, and would love to continue learning to create some quality applications.

  14. Me please!!!!!

  15. This would be way easier to user than the commandline version of the SDK. Pick me!

  16. Would love a copy of this software so bad!! I wish RIM would just give us developers one for free ha ha!!

  17. Could you help a brother out? Here I am running Flash Builder 4.0 like a veritable Luddite, can’t even port my AIR app to Android without crying. I’d be genuinely grateful and promise to use it every single day!

  18. Thanks for the giveaway this would be a great gift to give to my hubby

  19. Flash forever!
    Oh, wait…

    I keep telling myself that if i had a real Flash tool I’d do better than make-do and work-around approaches. Please.

  20. Hey that would be a pretty cool present! Better app development for me.

  21. I would love to win a copy!!! There are bananas in my future!!! You don’t have to understand my comment!!!

  22. I would love to win one of the licenses. This program is amazing. Can so much to do with Flash technology.
    Count me in, please ;D

  23. Wao! I really need the photoshop. I work in graphics and animation and I am unable to afford a genuine phototshop. Its really very costly for me. So if I win it, I shall be very very lucky and obviously grateful to you. Thanks a lot for the giveaway! Wish you all the best… :)

  24. Hi
    everyone this premium version very important for because mostly I work with flash software But some time I need to some more features of flash but features available only in premium ver now I got the chance to win the premium version

  25. I am using eval version of Adobe flash Premium 4.6 and its awesome! Have apps working on iOS, Android and (soon) BBT. Would love to get an official license so that I can continue development. All Good Luck !!!

  26. Would be awesome to get a license for when the eval expires!

  27. Please count me in too would like to have a copy of this. Will be very handy for me.

  28. I stopped working with Flash 5 years ago, now is the time to come back to it for some RAD.

  29. I really could use this program its too expensive for a new developer, please pick me!!!!!

  30. I love FB 4.5 but would love 4.6 much better. A lot of great new feature have been added and more native code. Id love to win, but good luck everyone!

  31. Sounds good to me, THANK YOU BerryReview for the contest!

  32. This would be an awesome XMas gift, thank you BerryReview for the opportunity to win this!!!

  33. Awesome opportunity ! Thanks !

  34. Yeah!… Usually unlucky but this time I hope to win 😀

    Good luck eveyone and Happy X-Mas!

  35. Wow! Great giveaway! A license for this would be extremely useful for me! Thank you!

  36. I would love a copy or two :)

  37. It will be great to win copy of this software :)

  38. I’ve been looking to get into developing, but I had no idea the entry was so expensive.

  39. This’s wonderful of new step of BB softwares development. We’ll have a chance to get fully access to internet functions.
    Thank u !

  40. Please, give me a chance to take licence keys
    Thank u so much !

  41. I tried registering but email hasn’t came through! Would love a copy – I am a recently unemployed developer and looking to kick start my career by creating some of my own applications – this would be an amazing xmas pressie.

  42. Nice give giveaway.

    Now if only Adobe would show more love and double the offer… 😀

  43. This is a great giveaway! Count me in to this offer.

    Thank you…

  44. this is a great giveaway..nothing would make me happier this Christmas season than go win this one!!! and i agree Adobe should jump in and add to the offer ha ha. Good luck everyone

  45. OMG!! If I won this contest and could give this to my boyfriend for Christmas he would literally marry me the next day lol. (or break up with me cause i didnt tell him about the giveaway and i lost!! lol) Good luck to everyone and merry christmas!

  46. This would be an amazing xmas gift to win. I currently have the trail of 4.5 which is up in 5 days, but would love the full 4.6 version. I wish it was cheaper cause I can’t afford the 750 for the full version with how my apps are selling.

  47. @PocketCode check your spam folder if you use Gmail. I remember the same happed to me when I registered.

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