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Explanation Behind BlackBerry 10 Phones Needing a Chip Coming in Q2 2012

Qualcomm LTE

RIM’s Co-CEO’s stirred up some serious discussion by blaming the lack of a chip for BlackBerry 10 phones delay into the second half of 2012. While I personally think RIM should have revamped the Colt with a dual core processor and HSPA+ 4G I realize they were getting pressure from US carriers to launch a 4G LTE device. Many of us know that the reason RIM has been struggling along with quite a few other manufacturers to launch 4G headsets that are no huge and don’t kill your battery in 4 hours. For now Android phones are solving that by making the phones larger and strapping on huge batteries and others like Apple have simply skipped on LTE for now.

QTFan pointed out to Brian in our original post about the delay that AnandTech has a good explanation (from October) of what the whole story is and what chip (Qualcomm) RIM and others are waiting for. Its a great read which you can find here. Let us know if you find more details on the situation. I still feel like RIM is missing out on a major opportunity by not simply releasing a 4G HSPA+ device on all of the carriers other than Verizon… There are 150+ of them worldwide that RIM partners with.

PS: There is a conversation going on in the forums about this too.

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  1. There is certainly some truth in what RIM is saying. But you can be sure they are leveraging the LTE demands by carriers, to buy themselves more time to test, program and polish.

  2. Ronen, considering how badly RIMM needs the new BB10 phones in the US, how come they don’t just release the 3g version first like the PlayBook? And will this affect the release date of the 4g PlayBook?

    • I have been trying to figure out why RIM did not simply bring their BB10 phones with the colt 3G/4G version that just did 4G on HSPA+ in most of the world. I think they were working on a different chipset for the PlayBook since the 4G model is still on schedule.

  3. Great detailed explanation @AnandTech. Now I do understand the delay. From a hardware standpoint it makes a lot of sense. I just hope that they can beat iPhone to market on this because that is what RIM needs now more than anything.

    I am guessing that RIM is going for the badly needed hit out of the ballpark. What confuses me is that somewhere along the path to the BB10 OS phones, RIM apparently changed the build to include the upcoming Qualcomm (single-chip) LTE. If they originally had planned on this chipset, then they would have known that it would not be available until Q2/Q3. I guess there is the possibility that Qualcomm has had some manufacturing or quality issues that have delayed delivering on their end.

    Another concern I have is that Qualcomm would cave in to the big dog and send Apple all the early production chipsets. Just speculating….

  4. Pardon my error. I should have said chip, not chipset as that would refer to more than one chip.

  5. RIM should take this opportunity to upgrade their other technology in their phones…. By the time they have the new chipset, they should be in full manufacturing mode. We know that the chips are getting smaller and a lot more powerful and integration into the hardware should be their only concern.

  6. My Torch contract is up next fall so I hope they are ready to go. I’ll be happy to get top of the line performance and battery if I can get it then.

    My neighbor has a battery sucking LTE phone – not something I want. I am used to having 2 days of battery per charge.

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