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Why Doesn’t App World have Gift Cards & Coupons Yet?

App World Gifting Begging2

Now that RIM is rolling out App World Begging and Gifting over BBM in BlackBerry App World v3.1 it leaves a big question in my mind. RIM managed to integrate a complex process where you beg a friend for an app on App World through the new BBM SDK and then follow the request to the giver and then credit the app to the beggars account. On the other hand they are missing such a key element of any online shopping site especially during the holiday shopping season… gift cards and coupons.

This means that you cannot simply purchase a gift card for a friend or a developer cannot offer a coupon for their app or game. I have been begging RIM to add this feature for ages but I guess I needed to beg them for it via BBM for them to “gift” it to me. 🙂 I am just hoping that RIM will add this functionality soon. How about you?

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  1. They will get it right… Eventually…

  2. Not only the coupons and gift certificates, but partner stores too. As an owner of a popular site I am restricted to reviewing only products that I purchase or developers send to us. I am selective about what makes the homepage so that makes it even more difficult. We would have a lot more PlayBook apps and games up if this was an option. But for now I am still only letting my own personal and writers personal favorites make the cut.

    They should have given us this option when they decided to not allow PlayBook developers to sell their products in our MobiHand Powered Stores.

    The only plus with this new option of begging is that we can award random apps to some of our fans, should they be close enough to be in my BBM contacts. As well as we can buy our writers apps to review from App World. So it is a start. There’s no doubt about that.

  3. I agree… I want to send a credit to my mother and mother in law who will both be getting Playbooks for Christmas… i wanted to give them 30-40 bucks to buy some apps

    they both already have bb id’s for their phones so it would be nice to just send over a gift credit

  4. Given their poor financial health, I wouldn’t want to buy a gift card now that might be worthless in 6 months. Just buy a Visa giftcard or better still, give them cash and tell them you want them to buy some apps with it. It’s safer.

  5. $40 billion in cash? Not sure where you got that number but if you’re referring to RIM that is about 40x what they actually have. They don’t even make $40 billion in revenue in a year. You may be thinking about Apple who have something like $60 billion in cash.

    RIM still isn’t in poor financial state though…they have no debt whatsoever.

  6. I do agree with you. However, I think this will come true soon. The high-developed technology and people’s gradually increased dependence on technology make it possible.

  7. One feature I would like to see is the ablility to bookmark an app to go back and do more research about it before you purchase it.

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