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NTSB Wants to Ban Cellphone Use & Hands Free Tech While Driving


While most states in the US are adopting rules that ban talking on cellphones or texting while driving they have actually promoted using Bluetooth headsets or handsfree tech. Now the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has put out a non-binding recommendation that states also ban all of the hands free technology like Bluetooth headsets, car hands free systems, and voice controlled actions. Here is what thye had to say to Reuters:

"When it comes to using electronic devices, it may seem like it’s a quick call or a quick text or a tweet, but accidents happen in the blink of an eye," said NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman. "No emails, no texts, no calls. It’s worth a human life."

Still I doubt such a law will ever be adopted by states. It actually sort of makes sense since distractions no matter how you manage them are still distractions. On the other hand that would also be the case for using your GPS, listening to the radio/iPod, etc. Still it is nice to see that they realize that even hands free systems pose a risk to other drivers on the road.

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  1. It is already a crime everywhere carelessly or recklessly

  2. I just wonder about all the people out there whose lifestyles are wholly dependent on being contact-able while on the road. You know, pretty much every work-vehicle driver or on-call person. (Many of whom would have been using a radio in-vehicle before cell phones became so commonplace.) You’d almost need a butt-load of “phone-operator passenger” jobs (like a RIO on a fighter-jet), or a special class of license that gives them the extra privilege. Otherwise, it would have a huge business impact and cause even more accidents by having all these people pulling over constantly.

    (That being said, the logic behind the initial recommendation does make sense by itself.)

  3. I’ve consistently laughed at all these new laws over the past several years to ban cell phone use, ban texting, whatever. EVERY SINGLE STATE already has laws on the books that make it a an offense to fail to pay “full time and attention” to the task at hand….driving. Listen, I don’t particularly care how important all these folks that will poo-poo this think they are, or how “critical” their use of a phone or smartphone or whatever is to their life or their job or whatever. Driving is a PRIVILEGE…you don’t have some inalienable right to make phone calls or text message while you’re driving. Want to make a call, receive a call, text message, web browse, whatever? Pull off the road! And law enforcement ought to be in an all out blitz to write tickets to everyone they see failing to pay “full time and attention”, but we all know they a) don’t have the resources to do that and b) are just as often violating that themselves.

  4. i have no problems with banning the texting and emailing. I do have a problem with the talking on the phone. What difference is it if your talking on the phone or the person that is sitting next to you? As for the business aspect, that is how we use to give/get orders to the guys in the field. hands free method is fine, most of the people i know do use that.

    beats talking to them than having the “sneek texting” etc. because that is what will and does already happen.

  5. I’m all for no texting and all for hands-free calling. 100%.

    Extending this philosophy to hands-free Bluetooth devices is just wrong. My eyes never leave the road when receiving a call, and my hands never leave the wheel! If this sort of nonsense continues, they’ll be suggesting not to have conversations in the car with other people. Hey, my eyes may turn to glance briefly at the other person in the car while conversing!

    Perhaps they may start removing in-car stereo systems too, even turning on wipers can be “distracting”, according to their definition. Maybe we should just ban babies from vehicles too. They’re a major distraction!

  6. Anytime a person is behind the wheel of a car, the only thing they should be doing is watching the road and driving. Anything else will contribute to distracted driving, even music playing on the radio. People eat, read the paper, yell at their kids, put on makeup… you name it., so if it is time to step in and end distracted driving, they’d have to outlaw a lot more than texting.

    People just need to use COMMON SENSE!

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