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Reminder: WIN a BlackBerry PlayBook or $200 Gift Certificate!


The year flew by and the holiday season is upon us. Gift giving season is in full swing and to celebrate we are offering up a free 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook or $200 Amazon or PayPal gift certificate to a lucky reader this month. The BerryReview BlackBerry Unlock Store, your #1 source for BlackBerry unlock codes, has sponsored this holiday giveaway prizes.

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is simply leave a comment, forum post, and/or tip submission during the month December 2011. We are also including all “Retweets” of BerryReview articles on Twitter as extra entries to win! The selection process involves us choosing a finalist from each of the categories (comments, forum posts, tips, Retweets) and then having our judge select the winner out of those four. Every comment, forum post, Retweet, and/or tip submission counts as another entry so get cracking!

You must be registered and logged in to BerryReview when leaving comments for them to be included in the contest and the winner will be chosen by the BerryReview staff in the beginning of January 2012. You can check out all the details and official rules in the announcement post. If you have any questions comments leave a comment on that post.

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So what are you waiting for? Let us know why you want/deserve a BlackBerry PlayBook below!

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  1. neat *fingers crossed*

  2. Excellent. I hope to be the winner.


  3. It is my turn to win for a change, since I am too broke to buy one for myself.

  4. Woohoooo would love a PB

  5. Woohooooooo would love a PB!!!!!!!!!

  6. Would love to have this. Thanks!

  7. Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!!

  8. Oh I hope I win a playbook!

  9. I love my playbook and would like to win one for my wife. I’m afraid she is going to take mine.

  10. I’m new to the BB world, I would like to win a playbook or gift certificate.

  11. I don’t get it. I purchased a playbook and think it is great. My daughter has an Ipad which is nice but I prefer my playbook. The graphics are great, its fast, and I can have more than one app running. The playbook is getting a bum rap. I believe that the reviews I have read are just excuses to pile on to a great tablet. It may not have all the apps but I’m sure they will come. And your have to hear the speakers they are the best I have heard on a tablet. If you want a good tablet at a great price now is the time to buy.

  12. I hope to win this contest.

  13. Here is to attracting some good luck my way!!

  14. I’d love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  15. Absolutely — please choose our family to win the awesome Blackberry Playbook!! Thanks for the contest!! Good luck everyone! 12-10-11 Crosoldier

  16. i want this gadget because i was a good kid all year long 😛

  17. Sounds like fun

  18. Thank you so much for all the great articles, reviews and contests!

  19. Would love to win one of these especially in light of the impeding OS 2 upgrade in February.

    Please and thank you!

  20. sure hope i win.

  21. awesome… this is looking good guys.. cheers

  22. I have a Playbook but I would love to win one for my wife so she will leave mine alone.

  23. I better have a PB ready for the Citrix Receiver that is about to be release for it

  24. I’m glad to see they are still running great contests like this. Come February this will be an awesome prize.

  25. what u waiting for BR! pick me now! lol

  26. would be a sweet little gift for the holidays!

  27. Pick me! I already have a Playbook but would love $200 to use on that awesome looking BB Milan!

  28. A $200 PlayBook is an awesome deal! I can’t resist. I think the PlayBook should sell for $299 (16), $349 (32), $399 (64). That will keep it quite competitive without making it appear to be garbage; i.e., RIM dumping a losing product.

    The device itself is excellent. I really love it! If these sales get more PlayBooks out there, that will be great for the ecosystem. I like many of the apps I’m seeing lately. Lots of cool stuff is appearing for the PlayBook.

  29. Pick me plss! im craving for that playbook haha

  30. after reading through all the posts its sad to see how many greedy folks there are. I mean come on all the give to me’s and all the I want and begging pick me when is enough enough? Don’t be greedy!

  31. i hope you’re going to pick me for a playbook. I always dream to have and own the latest gadgets in town but unfortunately I can’t have them. I didn’t write here to pity me i just want to share my thoughts. I’m glad that i came across this site and found out that you will be giving this playbook and i’m happy that although there are millions of people around the world viewing and posting here, it”s ok with me. I will always have that hope in me. I want to have a playbook that i can call mine.. With this i will not be feeling so alone coz i’ll treat it like my bestfriend. Sounds a little funny but true. So goodluck to us.. All the best! hope i win.. no i’m gonna win! Thank you for reading my post.

  32. what are u waiting for? cmon!! haha

  33. im waiting for yah to pick me BR! haha

  34. I deserve a BlackBerry PlayBook because it is my decision maker.

  35. best in class!

  36. A Christmas may be the best occasion to take care of the people who loves you. The Giveaway treat from Berry Review team is the
    part of spreading the Joy with the all the people who loves BR.

    Happy Christmas to All.

    (Hoping to receive a treat from Santa named Berry Review )

  37. I would love to win this for my hubby, he deserves it, since he works so hard!

  38. I deserve a playbook because I believe so much in this company that I invested in their stock recently.

    If it does happen to continue going down then a playbook would lessen the pain!

  39. You know your Curve is old when you download an app that doesn’t work… and you realize it is because the app only supports OS5 and up! d’OH. I would love to not be using a dinosaur so aplaybook would be awesome!

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