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Hidden Icons in PlayBook OS 2.0 Points to 4G/LTE PlayBook?

Here’s a great ending to the week! N4BB found a little surprise bundled within the latest BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 developer beta. There are icons bundled in OS 2.0 which show 4G and 4G LTE. We’ve known for quite a while now that RIM was planning to release a 4G PlayBook. Along with the 4G icons, there is also one for a SIM card. These icons look very much like what we are use to see on BlackBerry devices and are sized for the notification bar. So even after some carriers backed out of plans to have one, it now appears that the 4G PlayBook project is still a work in progress.

The team at N4BB have also mentioned that there is reference to a screen resolution of 1280×786. As RIM prepares the BlackBerry 10 OS for the PlayBook, I think it’s safe to assume this could be there for the next-generation BB10 smartphones and tablets. So a question for our readers…Are you excited for 4G BlackBerry PlayBook? Or do you think using the BlackBerry Bridge is sufficient?

Kudos to ZaOiSt for the tip via N4BB

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  1. Personally, I’d rather just bridge than have another data plan to deal with. However, I can see the appeal this might have to some people who want to be connected all the time as fast as possible. I also prefer the 7 inch size for the most part. A 10 inch tablet would be better for heavy media consumption and web pages, but lugging it around would not be as pleasant.

  2. Bridge is goood

    • Bridge is sufficient. I would rather buy a new 4GLTE BB phone and then bridge for data usage. Another bill I don’t need. I also agree with Barracuda Bob, a 7″ tablet is perfect.

  3. I have to agree with you all. I love the bridge. I’ve never had any troubles except accessing the full facebook webpage. After the latest update, that problem is resolved. Bridge is excellent for me. And no extra tether fees, etc.

  4. I love the Bridge but i can see why RIM need to put out a 4G version, to attract non BB phone users. But like the above say, with Bridge there is no additional data plan to worry about!

  5. I like the idea of a 4G version and a sim card version.

    I use my PB on wifi as well as bridge – so 4g capable would suit wifi users.

    I use mobile broadband for my home computers and PB (wifi capable mobile broadband) – I don’t use fixed line broadband – so using PB on a sim is A OK by me.

    We’re all different in how we use our gear, eh.

    • Completely agree. The PlayBook brings a lot to the table as a tablet. So adding a 4G variant would be in their best interest. I’d just be more curious if they’d match the iPad’s $20 a month fee…or maybe cheaper as the BlackBerry OS bundles data into a much smaller packet? I don’t think I would get a 4G if I had to pay more since (being a BlackBerry user) I would have the bridge. Unless it was like $5.

  6. This is much needed for making PlayBook a success. People around the globe needed this. Late but happy to know that RIM is going to release 3G n 4G tablets.

    PlayBook ROCKS!

  7. The bridge is absolutely awesome. I can take my playbook anywhere and access just about every site there is. and the awesome part is no additional bill. Forget 4G not needed unless you just want a extra bill.

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