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Rumor: BlackBerry 10 Codename Milan Picture Gets Outed

It was just last week that they helped us with insight on the formerly BBX now BB10 line of phones scheduled for next year.  Now CrackBerry has come up with a photo of the assumed BlackBerry Milan.  It looks nice, but something about me it makes me question it.  It doesnt have the classic BB  button, is the iconic button a thing of the past?

Souce: CrackBerry

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  1. Oh gee… Better start saving up…

  2. Be Cool
    I like it

  3. Oh yeah

    These will be phones that the Gods will use

    I am telling you

    2012 will be the year of RIM

  4. Lol this was a PERFECTLY timed leak for this device.

    Given the BBX/BB10 debacle

    RIM just needs to start dropping leaks after every negative piece of news lol

  5. I’m glad to see the slider form factor continue on. I had a 9800 and now have the 9810. This seems like my next phone. They should round it off a bit more though. I’m sure the appearance may change slightly before it is actually released.

  6. With a touch-screen device, the button/pearl really isn’t all that necessary. Although, some times it can be difficult to position the cursor properly on a touch-screen when editing tightly spaced letters. Arrows/button/pearl would be helpful for those instances.

    • Completely agree. I love the trackpad on my Torch 9850. Rarely can I get the cursor where I want it to be when using the touch screen.

      • Hopefully (But I doubt it) RIM will implment the magnifying glass that is used on iPhone on these phones. It blows up the portion of the screen that your thumb is on.

        If they do that I can’t see that the trackpad is useful.

  7. The BB10 model all look great! I hope the specs look as good too. The keyboard looks a bit small so i hope they work on that aspect of the phone too. Nothing i would LOVE more than if the BLACKBERRY logo gets lighted since there is no trackpad etc. so it looks way more classy!

  8. Things I like about the device:

    – A lot of screen realistate.
    – Media buttons look easy to access.
    – Design looks sleek and sexy.
    – Keyboard looks better than the 9850/9860

    Things I don’t like:

    – No trackpad.
    – No BB menu button

  9. My concern is also no trackpad – even with slimish woman fingers I have trouble aligning for cut/paste or whatever on the Playbook, so given that a phone screen is way smaller, I think it would be an entirely FRUSTRATING experience, lol!!!

  10. Trackpad lovers read my comment above. A bubble impementation would take away a lot of the need fot a trackpad.

    I just hope the slider comes out at the same time as the full screen. I’m not sure how long I can stay away from buying the new BB10, but I think I still want the keyboard.

    • Yeah, if RIMM improves further on their touchscreen functionality, they could pull this off. Maybye they can add a virtual trackpad menu buttons that can be brought up by swiping from the bottom up.

      • They need to do something with the bottom right corner. It isn’t functional on the playbook. I think for the phone it is likely to be swipe from bottom right to get the phone.

  11. I assume, as others here have mentioned, that it will have similar controls to the PlayBook in terms of getting to menus and whatnot. The bezels will be touch sensitive and you’ll be able to use them rather than a Menu key. Agreed, however, it is a massive departure.

  12. It has to replicate the playbook UI exactly, since they will be using the same OS going forward.

    Kiddo is right, I think. The swipe from bottom right functionality is possibly being saved for the phone UI.

    All in, I can’t wait for these babies to be released!

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