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Free Advanced Calls and LED Control App for BlackBerry Smartphones

Advanced Calls and LED Control3 Advanced Calls and LED Control Advanced Calls and LED Control2

I came across ‘Advanced Calls and LED Control’ a little over a month ago. I was hooked. The app is still in (rapid) development – but that doesn’t imply the app is full of bugs, it is quite the opposite. The current version is stable, feature packed and can be tweaked specifically to your liking.

Features of ‘Advanced Calls and LED Control’ (all configurable) include:

  • call events: notifications on call connect, end, mute, hold & more
  • call features: auto speakerphone (w/auto switch-to-handset on connect), auto redial, save new number & more
  • battery: custom sounds/profiles for battery states; low(configurable %), full and charging
  • keypad vibrations – an assistive technology which notifies via vibration when keys are pressed

And last but not least the LEDs. When it comes to led settings, you can almost be overwhelmed with the amount of options available to choose from.

  • For setting LEDs, you have over 100 colors/shades to choose from.
  • set up to 4 LEDs per notification with varying intervals of mixes and blinks.
  • you can not only configure LEDs for native apps (including BBM, Facebook etc), but you can also set LEDs for network & data coverage, battery states and a few extras (Whatsapp & 4 more configurable app slots).
  • configure LEDs for an UNLIMITED amount of contacts (sms, email and phone).
  • the ability to change the LED timeout and have a ‘night’ profile set up which can auto activate and deactivate certain LEDs (depends on your choices).

You can download ‘Advanced Calls and LED Control’ for FREE via  App World

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  1. Interface is a little goofy. For instance, when you are programming a sound for missed calls, the “interval” field is not only the time between sounds but the time until the first sound. I would have expected the sound to come right away.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t have downloaded the app if not for the one thing that hooked me in – the ability to now have Maxwell Smart say “Missed by *that* much” every time I miss a call.

    • @ShvartzBerry, 1st missed call sound alert will play after 3.5s regardless of how you set the missed call interval, unless your end call sound alert is longer than 1.5s, then it will override 1st missed call sound alert.

      I still dont understand why many people with software problems dont contact the developer when it comes to blackberry. im not sure what’s the current impression about blackberry support, but i can assure you that you will always get a response from me 🙂

      @BerryReview Team, many thanks for the review, and you were correct about my updates, this app is an ongoing hobby of mine which will eventually incorporate all the features people desire in blackberry java phones for free 🙂

  2. I’d laove to have this app. I’ve had far too many unknown callers and telemaketers taking up my time, to say nothing of my BB valuable battery power. I’ve even had a call from Afghanistan (I had to look up the country code), where I know no one! Thanks for the contest.

  3. this app totally rules..have it on 3 blackberrys anytime and i mean anytime i have issues or questions as early as 4 am this dude responds NOW!!! having a couple issues on my 9860 but due to the OS. i just cant belive all the things this app does is free!!!! i have spent in the past about 15.00ish for several apps that this one app does and not to mention the low memory usage.
    thank you so much

  4. I was wondering if you knew how to turn backl on the vibrations for bbm? They turned off and I cannot seem to get them back on using the app or the normal blackberry settings

  5. I’m having a trouble using my Blackberry Curve 3G. And I’m wondering if this app is responsible for the problem of my phone. I always get “Uncaught expection: Application net_rim_bb_addressbook_app (249) is not responding; process terminated” Can you help me solve my problem?

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