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RIM Confirms Carrier IQ Software NOT Installed on BlackBerrys


I don’t know why everybody all of a sudden woke up to Carrier IQ craziness this past week even though it was revealed awhile ago. Still an offhand comment by the researcher who found it on Android devices, Trevor Eckhart, mentioned that it was also on BlackBerrys. I doubted this was true but I could not 100% confirm or deny. Now RIM has done just that by confirming that Carrier IQ is not installed or authorized to be on handsets from RIM. Here is what they told Reuters:

"RIM does not pre-install the Carrier IQ app on BlackBerry smartphones or authorize its carrier partners to install the Carrier IQ app before sales or distribution,"

"RIM also did not develop or commission the development of the Carrier IQ application, and has no involvement in the testing, promotion, or distribution of the app."

On top of that Rogers and Telus in Canada have gone on record saying they also do not have Carrier IQ software installed on their devices including BlackBerrys. Personally I doubt that carriers could find a way to bypass RIM and shoehorn Carrier IQ on their BlackBerrys without RIM knowing and I also doubt that RIM is lying. If you think of it rationally it would not make sense for countries like India to be going crazy trying to get RIM to help them monitor BlackBerry communications if they already had Carrier IQ doing it…

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  1. The CarrierIQ IQAgent app is like every other 3rd party app and is limited in what it has access to. Here is a dump of all the BlackBerry API references their app makes:

    Here is a thread on the support forums about this:

  2. Trevor should be boiled in oil and sued by RIM for damages. That’s the only way they will be able to stop the false information.

  3. Read between the lines. Notice he didn’t say that the BlackBerry UPDATES for BlackBerry Operating software are not installing this Carrier IQ software! He said they do not PRE-install it. He DID say that RIM has no involvement in distributing the software, BUT if you read everything he says, he says that the only people who could install it is 1) The user and 2) Your BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator. Is that not RIM?

    I copied and pasted a portion of the following from an article by Craig Johnston, dated Feb 16, 2009. A link to the article can be found here Pay particular attention to the last two items on the bulleted list.

    Under the subheading “Administrator Features” he writes:

    Because the BlackBerry is a true Smartphone with corporate and personal features, the BES administrator needs to be able to control what their users can and cannot do. The main reasons for this are security and compliance. Here are some of the features available to a BES administrator:

    •Ability to fully control every aspect of the BlackBerry via something called the IT Policy. There are over 450 IT Policy settings, but here are a few examples:
    •Disable features like the GPS and camera
    •Disable the external media (or allow it but force it to be encrypted)
    •Force the BlackBerry to encrypt its on-board memory
    •Only allow web browsing via the corporate network and ultimately through a proxy so that the web sites can be filtered the same way they are at the desktop
    •Force passwords, their complexity, timeout, and age
    •Disable the phone or other features like SMS and MMS
    •Block personal email and IM (including PIN to PIN and BlackBerry Messenger)
    •If you lose your BlackBerry or forget the password, the administrator can remotely kill your BlackBerry or reset the password
    •The administrator can remotely install third party BlackBerry applications and even prevent you from removing them
    •The BES can be configured to log your SMS and PIN messages (sent and received) and also log your phone calls (not the audio of the calls but who you called or who called you and the duration of the call)

    —–End portion of article—–

    First, notice he says that the BES Admin can remotely install 3rd party sw on your phone (without your approval or knowledge), but then he says that they also can PREVENT THE USER from uninstalling such software! I didn’t see anything about THAT in Mr. Sohm’s statement, did you?

    Second, “The BES can be configured to log your SMS and PIN messages (sent and received)” the writer goes on to say that phone calls can also be configured to be logged, but notice that he clarifies that your audio on the calls are not logged, but the numbers you dial are logged and the numbers that call you are logged. He says nothing about whether your actual SMS text messaging content is logged.

    Now, in regards to Mr. Sohm’s statement, I know I didn’t knowingly approve any Carrier IQ Software – but I do NOT know whether some BES Administrator did install this 3rd party app remotely and without my knowledge or permission – and then BLOCK me from being able to remove it! And by the way, Mr. Sohm, WHO exactly is my “BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator” and HOW would I get a hold of this person to find out if he/she is installing Carrier IQ Software on MY phone without MY permission?!

    • “Notice he didn’t say that the BlackBerry UPDATES for BlackBerry Operating software are not installing this Carrier IQ software! He said they do not PRE-install it.”

      OMADM………….what company/software is associated with rim to send updates? How is the updates “pushed” to the device? Does anyone have any info how this procedutre is done , and PROOF, of what company is involved in this procedure?

    • Sometimes people don’t understand technology.

      Do you get your corporate email from your job on your BlackBerry? If so your “BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator” is in your Corporate IT department.

      If you do not get your corporate email on your BlackBerry, you do not have “BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator” because you are not ON a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. BES is a Corporate thing, it allows a company to control your phone IF and ONLY IF you choose to activate and connect to their network. Its like Active Directory controlling what applications are installed on your Windows machine at work.

  4. wait…………….smithmicro owns core mobility?

    Smith Micro Software Announces Agreement to Acquire Core …
    Smith Micro Software Announces Agreement to Acquire Core Mobility Proposed Transaction to Expand Industry-Leading Mobility Solutions Portfolio and Initiatives with …​detail.aspx?newsid=491 – Cached

  5. wait a second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    smithmicro owns core mobility

    core mobility owned carrier iq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carrier IQ – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    History|Rootkit discovery…|Legal actions…|UpdatesCarrier IQ is a privately-owned mobile software company founded in 2005 … The company was founded by Konstantin Othmer and is a spin-off from his Core Mobility … – Cached.


    Dec 16, 2011 4:03 AM (in response to alfster59)
    Re: System update? CarrierIQ needs to go too.
    i’m confused about com.smithmicro.DM. Can someone help me understand:

    1) how does com.smithmicro.DM access my phone? Does t mobile push smithmicro to my phone or was it factory pre-installed by the phone manufacturer? If smithmicro is factory installed native app, does it function without tmobile’s assistance and is granted access without me allowing permission?

    2) what is all this data they are adding and pulling from the phone?

    3) So if smithmicro is a# OMADM, and it pushes updates in bundles, would I see the names of all the updates and software in my logs, or would it be named a group bundle name, ie ##if 5 updates are being pushed to my phone and one was ciq, what name would show in my log?

    4) SO, CARRIER IQ IS A SPIN OFF OF CORE MBOBILITY, and smithmicro bought core mobility in sept 2009.

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