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Rumor: First BBX Phone (Aka London) Now Called the Surfboard?

Take this rumor with a huge grain of salt but we always enjoy speculating about the upcoming BBX line of phones from RIM. The latest rumor coming from BlackBerryOS is that the BlackBerry London mockup we saw before has now been renamed the “Surfboard.” The rumor doesn’t specifically mention if this is simply yet another codename for the device but chances are slim that it will launch with that name. On the other hand the rumor does say that RIM has lined up sponsors like BodyGlove and Billabong to show off the device at Surf-fest USA.

We usually wouldn’t mention such a rumor but I thought it would be fun to simply ask all of you what you would call the first BBX powered phone? I vote for the BlackBerry Phoenix!

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  1. maybe its to signify the wave they have been riding, and the surfboard might be whats needed to get them to shore safely before they sink

  2. Surf-fest USA? If that refers to – their website says it takes place Aug 3-5, 2012.

    Hopefully this phone is coming out before then!

  3. “BlackBerry Surf” seems more fitting. And is it waterproof? 😉

  4. its probably called surfboard internally because it has no buttons and resembles a surfboard… thats my guess

    Not that I care what my phone name is but the Surfboard sounds dumb.

  5. lol… it would never come out with that name

  6. I like the Blackberry Phoenix name because of the rise from the ashes implication; there are even some major investors are betting on it. I would like the first BBX phone to have a full touchscreen with a Bold 9900/9930 quality slide out keyboard, menu button and a trackpad.

  7. When is that surffest USA.Anyone knows?

  8. Please, don’t let it be Surfboard. Phoenix or Blade would be better!

    • I agree. I just really like the Pheonix name. Or simply call it the GodBerry. 🙂

      • Absolutely. Ronen, I’m liking your website better than CrackBerry more and more. Better, more solid reporting. Less fluff, less sensational rumours and speculation. This will garner your organisation more respect in the long run. I think our brothers over at CB are losing their way, and sadly, I’m speculating they don’t even know it.

  9. From TechCrunch: (so let’s hope this is true, hate Surfbook and Surfboard names)

    RIM filed for the BlackBerry Surfboard trademark in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office in July 2010, and has been sitting on it ever since. It seemed for a while like one of those names RIM would never get around to using, but they subsequently filed for an extension of time this past May — it’s possible that RIM has chosen to dust off a name from the archives to use for their latest smartphone.

    Then again, the BlackBerry PlayBook was rumored to be called the “SurfBook” for a while thanks to another trademark also filed in 2010, and we all know how that one turned out. I sort of doubt that the London/Surfboard will make it all the way to its reported June 2012 launch date without a few more tweaks to the branding, but then again that’s really the least of their problems.

  10. Surf is good…

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