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Best Buy Cancelling BlackBerry PlayBook Orders? No Longer in Stock?

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We have been hearing from contacts at retail stores that the BlackBerry PlayBook is selling very well with its current $199 price point. Today is Cyber Monday and I am sure even more of these devices are going to be flying off shelves but there is an interesting development happening. Electronista noticed that Best Buy has removed the BlackBerry PlayBook models from their website right before Cyber Monday (Today) even though the promotion is supposed to go until December 3rd. The odd thing is their PlayBook page redirects to their BlackBerry smartphone page now at

There are also Best Buy customers reporting that orders are being dropped even if the order is already charged and ready. The Best Buy forums suggest that they may be “overextended” whatever that means though we have heard RIM has tons of PlayBooks in their channels. Stores like OfficeMax and Staples also have the PlayBooks in limited stock or only certain models.

Its hard to guess exactly what is happening but we will reach out to RIM to see what they have to say! Either way you can still pick one up for the same price or lower directly from RIM.

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  1. hope this doesnt happen to me and Future Shop, ordered a 32 gb last night./

  2. I read in a Globe and Mail article a couple of days ago that Rim still has lots of raw inventory to make the BB phones and PBs on their accounting books.

    However, I’m thinking that Rim is using this as a marketing move to bring attention to the PB, create a situation where people want it by limiting supplies at the lower price. Isn’t it written on all those ads that it’s based upon limited supplies? As well most of these places are only allowing one tablet to be purchased per family. Again written in fine print at the bottom of the ad! LOL.

    I don’t think that Rim is interested in selling ton of the PBs at the lower price as it would give the perception that for us early adopters we overpaid. In fact in the Globe and Mail article it said that for the PB to be selling at $199 for the 16 GB it is a lose for Rim, that it costs more to make the PB then they’re selling it for.

    • RIM has to be losing money on the $199 Playbook. I have read that Amazon is losing money on the Kindle Fire at $199 because the parts cost about $214 (or $204?). If you add-in the 2 cameras, double the RAM and double the storage than logic suggests that RIM is in the hole for quite a bit at $199. I might add that these numbers do not include the cost of manufacture, packaging or shipping, let alone R&D.

  3. UPDATE: Best Buy sent an e-mail to PCWorld with the following statement:

    “Customers have responded very positively to this short-term promotion available until Dec. 3 and, as a result, we are currently sold out of our inventory. We will have additional units available in the near future, at which time customers will be able to purchase the devices online at” – 11/28 3:30pm ET

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