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BlackBerry PlayBook Discounts Drawing Crowds – Did You Pick One Up?

PlayBook Lines PlayBook Lines 2

We knew that RIM would be shaking things up with the PlayBook bringing some steep discounts in the US and Canada. One of the BlackBerry PlayBook product managers, Michael Clewley took some great pics of lines at his local Future Shop and Best Buy locations in Canada spotted by BBOS. The Vancouver Sun also got some shots spotted by CrackBerry.

PlayBook Lines 3 PlayBook Lines 4

The big question is if you picked up one of these devices starting at $199? Personally I am wondering how the PlayBook would be doing if this was RIM’s pricing from the start…

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  1. What this means to me is that north americans are not afraid of the blackberry name like some investors and analysts would like us to think .

    Yes the price is great but I doubt there would be these lines for a comparable android offering at 199.99..

    Clearly the word is out that the Playbook is an above average product as the lines wouldn’t be there for a shitty product.

    This also shows that with a solid bbx product, rim can easily make a comeback.

    The customers are still there.

    Buy stock now!

  2. I think you are dead on with the pricing comment. This should have been the price at the outset and they would have sold a ton.

    There would have been more of a buzz about it and Apps would have come along faster. Now the price has a negative taint to it. I hope it works but I don’t think it will in the US. There the media still hava a great desire to play Apple vs Android and having Blackberry and even Windows phone spoils the simplicity of the fight, so they simply want to declare RIM dead and give themselves more focus.

    • You are sooo bang on! That is precisely it. The media likes the one-on-one. RIM and Microsoft are in the way. Most don’t even talk about RIM anymore, and if someone says BlackBerry, they reply “dead product.” Foolish! However, it does put pressure on RIM to ensure that the first BBX phone kicks butt on all fronts! I would really like to believe that RIM is up for the challenge!

  3. I think RIM is clearing up the old stock for the announcement of the quad core PlayBook in January 🙂 My optimistic speculation! 😉

    Think about it, they have to make a big splash with the old one to pave the way for folks to be excited about PlayBook 2.0 on the new one!

  4. Funny thing, is that direct buy from BlackBerry is 16GB $349.00,
    32GB $399.00, and 64GB $499.00. Why wouldn’t they drop their own prices???

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