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BlackBerry OS 7.1 Docs Show FM Tuner in BlackBerry Devices – No Sign of Wi-Fi Hotspot

BlackBerry 7 Questions

When RIM made the new BlackBerry 7.1 SDK and simulators available the first thing I did was scour through the documentation. In the announcement RIM pointed out that there is a new FM Tuner API which totally comes out of left field. I remember Nokia phones way back in the day had FM tuners but this is the first I have seen the feature in a new smartphone. On the other hand RIM has not been specific on if current phones have this FM tuner or if it is only future phones.

The API provides support for the intricacies of FM radio around the world including North America and Japan so it does not look like this is only for emerging markets. Put it on the “Things I was not expecting but will make sure to look into” list for now. Personally I hope RIM makes it also an FM transmitter to transmit tunes wirelessly to your car radio… (I dream!)

On another front a main feature I was looking for in BlackBerry OS 7.1 was an API for Wi-Fi hotspot capability. Sadly I have not seen any mention of it in the API docs but that does not mean it is not included. It just means that developers will probably not have an API to access or modify the functionality.

Check out the API documentation for yourself to see if you spot anything I missed!

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  1. A couple of comments:

    1) The original HTC DROID Incredible has (or had) an FM tuner — not sure about other Android devices.

    2) I am not sure that there is any reason that a developer would need access to the mobile hotspot feature via an API, except possibly to be able to enable/disable the feature.

    • Don’t get me wrong Tom I think an FM Tuner would be a fun feature especially if it works without headphones plugged in over the speaker. The main reason I was looking for an API for the Wi-Fi hotspot was because RIM usually offers some insight into those things like showing you if it is turned on and such.

      • Understand. Interesting thing is that the DROID Incredible required headphones as they used them as the antenna. I’d be interested to see which devices are supported. How many features did RIM not enable out of the shoot with the 9930 (and other OS v7 devices)?!? NFC, WiFi Hotspot, FM tuner, …?

        VZW Executive Relations told me a while back that the WiFi Hotspot would be in their second maintenance release for the 9930 (i.e., next official OS release now that they released MR1 in late October). No time frame given, though…

  2. From

    “Current in market devices do not support the FM tuner. It will be supported in future, yet unannounced device releases.”

  3. im torn when it comes to HotSpot. Rim is damned if they do, damned if they dont.

    Its a shame that HS has not been around for 1-2y already, but adding it to an OS scheduled to die very soon means a lot of code writing and a waste of time. OS7 devices are generally not competitive (no dual core, no front camera, old OS) and not BBX compatible, so spending engineering/programming time is not ideal and wont make these device fully competitive anyway. Keep also in mind that once released, it has to be carrier-approved, another waste of time.

    On the other hand, RIM or some carriers have said that 7.1 will bring HS, so not delivering on this will make a lot of consumers angry, and broken promises, a specialty of RIM lately, is always hard to deal with.

    like I said, damned if you do or dont. Thats why I steer clear of OS7 devices.

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