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RIM confirms power issues with latest BlackBerry devices (Bold 9900/9930)

For quite sometime, many users have complained about the BlackBerry devices dying off overnight with no apparent reasons. Well, it seems that RIM has finally spoken and acknowledged this issue.

A RIM spokeswoman confirmed that a “limited number of customers have reported an issue where their devices will not power on.” She said the company is “actively working on a software update to resolve this issue.”

Well, have you been affected? What do you think of this? Let us know!

via CNBC

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  1. Just purchased a blackberry playbook and am unhappy with the power-up issue. Also most gadgets will allow you to work with it while charging–not so with this gizzmo.

    • Mine charges as I use it. You are using the power cord that came with it right? All others do little to no charge.

      • Yes and what power cord do you use?

        So what is RIM plan of action to solve this problem because for this phone to have a bad because of its battery is quite embarassing, although I stand 100% behind the 9900.. The phones ratings will drop badly,

  2. mine is charging while i am typing this message

  3. what power-up issue? And yes, you can use it while it is plugged into the wall charging.

  4. The PlayBook does let you use it while charging. If it’s totally drained and turned off, plug it in to the charger. Then after a few seconds the LED indicator will glow red for a moment then turn off. Then after a few more moments the green indicator will come on glowing bright then dim…. At this point you can press the power button. The green LED will turn off and the unit will power-up. You can then use it while it’s charging. No problem.

  5. PlayBook is awesome. I can’t believe you can get this type of technology for only $199 this week.. we live in a special age.

    There are no power-up issues nor issues using the device while it is charging. In fact, I haven’t noticed one glitch in the software at all. Bridge works great for me with my Curve, and I’m also quite happy using Gmail and Hotmail web applications.

    No matter what anyone says, PlayBook was a giant leap forward for RIM in terms of user interface and I can’t wait to see this OS displayed on a phone..

  6. Well we all confirmed that the battery issue is a huge problem.. I got no problem with my 9900, just need to sort out the battery power issue.

  7. Why are you all yacking about the PlayBook in an article on the Bold 9900/9930?

    Anyways, while I have not experience the described issue, I can say that my Bold 9900 has the absolute *worst* battery life of any BlackBerry I’ve ever owned. I just hope that a future software update fixes it (the back even feels warm a lot of the time), or some 3rd party makes an extended-life battery I can slap on.

  8. With respect to the power-issues you are having, did you notice these issues when you first used the device immediately after purchase? Is this something that a new buyer could discern and return under warranty, or is it something that emerged down the road (possibly after downloading certain apps?)..

    • Jonathan yes ever since we purchased the handset the battery life was giving a problem, this 9900 is actually my second 9900 wherby I did a 7day OBF, the 9900 that I have now at the moment is only 2 months old and I actually have to charge it twice aday if I don’t use my phone, so imagen if I have to sit with my phone all the time.

  9. Actually not having the problem described….
    But battery life as a whole on the 9900 is horrendous. Also more than once I watched battery life plummet from 60+% to 0% in seconds-before my eyes. I wonder if that is connected to this bug that RIM is acknowledging.

  10. My 9900 battery’s life is not a good as my 9700 was. But since it is a smaller battery it is no surprise. Still the battery life is ok. Regarding playbook (i know off topic but since it was mentioned) i frequently use it while it is charging so i dont know what rubyred is talking about (perhap since you are a pb newbie). i’ve had since launch and it charges and can be used at the same time. (unless that is a feature eliminated with $199 price models) <-haha

  11. My comment refers to not being able to use the BB playbook when the battery is totally dead. Once I have it charging, it will allow me to use it only after it has been charging for a while…then I can use it while it is charging. Thanks for all the comments I have received re this issue. If other people are not experiencing similar problem then perhaps I need to return my BB and get a new one.

  12. rubyred8,

    If your playbook auto shuts off because the battery is really low (in the low teens) you need to plug it in and wait a minute. It has happened to me once or twice and I can’t remember what the LED light was doing but when it starts flashing green you should be able to press the power button and get it started. Either way, it is a 1-2 minute problem. If you always power down manually you will not have this issue.

  13. Looks like the problem I have with my Bold 9900 (OS I completely depleted the battery during the day and then recharged over night. Now, the device doesn’t start up anymore. Symptoms: Black Screen, Red LED blinking all 15-20 seconds. You can’t connect to the device with Desktop Manager or Loader.exe. Removing and swapping the battery did not help.

    • my 9900 was working fine until i depleated the battery entirely – charged overnight. Wouldnt power up or be recognized by desktop. Exact same symptoms as Donzi with zero results when swapping battery. What a drag – i really like this phone even though the battery doesnt have a really long life.

      • did either of you get a solution? I have one that is acting similarly… except it is a green light. Just trying to figure out what is wrong or if it needs to go back.


    • am having same problem with my tablet. desktop manager does not recognize the device

  14. 9860 is also affected! For some bizarre reason, the device will sometimes quickly drain the battery leaving me out in the cold without a phone! It doesn’t happen too often, but about once every week or so. It may be occurring more often, but with a strong desire to have a working phone, I often keep it charged up every chance I can get. A fully charged phone should not die within 4 hours, and often the phone will last me about 8 hours.

    I have Battery Watch installed, and it will sometimes show me a very steep dive in it’s graph.

  15. There is no short battery life in my case. The device simply doesn’t work anymore!
    I’ll send in for repair and will report when I get notified how they can fix the problem. Maybe the device must be replaced.

    Anyone else having a “dead red blinking 9900” ?

    • I have the exact same issue. Battery totally drained. Recharged overnight. Next morning, phone will not power on. Every ten seconds, the red LED would light up for one second. Later, the pattern changed to twelve seconds off, three seconds on. Now, the LED stays off all the time.

  16. Donzi my 9900 is the same, its a real pain i am sending it off to rim tomorrow for repair. I havnt been able to find any solution to the problem.

  17. i have the same problem with Donzi , will a up date sort this problem out ,without having to send it back ? because at the
    moment the phone does not speak to the computer

  18. So theres a possibly of my Curve being comepltetly done for, or just dead?

  19. I got a BB 9900 as a loyalty reward for signing another 2-year contract with my service provider. I signed last November 9, 2011 and received the BB nearly a month after (December 5, 2011).

    To my further dismay, the BB 9900 did not turn on anymore after having the battery drained in the night of December 26, 2011. I returned the phone to the Sun Cellular shop in SM Valenzuela, only to find out that they got nothing to do about it but, also, to wait.

    I had BB Curve 9360 and BB Pearl 9105 prior to BB Bold 9900. In all fairness, BB Bold 9900 works so much better than 9360 and 9105. I just wish that such power issue can be resolved.

  20. dont give up on the bricking issue, mine done the same but after a month i tried it to the computer and bingo it loaded software , but now the 9900 battery only lasts 6 hrs and i dont know if the new software will sort out this problem ?

  21. I got the new bb9900 and in the 4th week it was very low on battery and i put it on charge over night and since then it did not turn on and i try every thing but on use. I am a blackberry user for last nine years. I weighted 4 month for this model to release and got it on the first week. now that new 9900 i can only use a a paper weight at office since it never turn on and RIM is not giving any right info how to solve the problem. This is by last blackberry now thinking of switching to iPhone. Good bye RIM from 9 Year old custom. I am recomending every one never buy a BlackBerry to all the people i know.

  22. I experienced this issue myself. The issue is software related, not battery or hardware. My battery is still fine (I tested it), and the Desktop software could not finish reloading the software. If you call RIM, assuming you can find the phone number, which isn’t easy, they will admit they get a lot of calls about this growing problem, then state you should contact your carrier to get a replacement under warranty. Next, they refer you to the website to support yourself, although the website has no solutions (or acknowledgements of the problem) — just complaints from other consumers with the identical problem. Finally, if neither of those 2 options work, RIM will invite you to speak with their Tech Support for a cool “$49 U.S. Dollars.” All of this while you speak to a gentleman that is hard to understand and sounds like he is calling from the beach (i.e. tons of background noise). So basically, I had to get my carrier to send me a replacement device at their expense. Of course I know this will fail again. We’ll wait and see if Blackberry ever releases a working software fix for this, but so far they have not indicated when this will happen.

    While I have been a big supporter (and user) of literally every GSM Blackberry device since 2005 for Enterprise email applications, Blackberry has continued to shoot themself in the foot and have sent even their biggest supporters running for iPhones, Android devices, or anything that isn’t RIM.

    The bottom line is that Blackberry no longer makes a quality product and this has been a growing problem for the past 3 years or so. While the Blackberry Torch 9810 seems decent, that is problably the lone exception since the 2008-released Blackberry Bold 9000, their first 3G phone.

    Blackberry is failing, everything is going wrong, they don’t know how to stop the bleeding, and the wounds are only getting worse. Their stock and customer trust are plummeting. They are pretty much done, and eventually will go the way of Palm, purchased by another company, not for their manufacturing ability, but for patents. Once that happens, you won’t see any more of these garbage Blackberries in your local Wireless stores as whoever buys them will simply stop production.

    If you don’t believe this, or won’t admit this, then you are pretty much riding on a sinking ship. I don’t mean a tipping ship like the Costa Concordia, I mean an even more collassal failure like the Titanic smashing into an iceburg. Yes, RIM is like the Titanic. Nothing can save it now. Stop wasting your time and move to a different device. I have (I have an iPhone and an Android device as well).

  23. Its high time guys at BB started focusing on the core product ! Looks like someone missed some classes on the FUNDAMENTALS of marketing. Why not focus on a better Customer Care or a btter product to start with !
    Leave the marketing glamor for APPLE or SAMSUNG(they have a quality product and they need the advertising). You guys dont have a quality product. So stop drawing attention !

    27000 INR for a Tablet that goes dead in 30 days flat, then a replacement and it again goes dead today? seriously? did you guys even consider your technical or creative expertise before launching a new product !

    My BB PB wont switch on. Its connected to the charger for quite some time now. The red light blinks twice at intervals of few seconds.
    This is a replacement model ! The original one went dead in a matter of few days.
    Its really very frustrating to opt for a BB over Apple and then have to go these repeated problems.
    Seems like BB brought out a model they were not capable of launching.
    INR 27000 for this specimen of technological scrap? Seriously ?

    I am no longer annoyed or even hopeful of any help. The call center calls are long and useless. I am just angry at the fact that i fell in love with the wrong brand. Apple or even samsung for that matter seem to care more about their customers. Really really saddened at the way BB is behaving.

    I hadnt taken to social media to comp;ain before this. But now i guess i have the moral responsibility of informing others before they fall for this piece of ‘ ‘innovation’ Faux Pas ‘


    PS: I mailed to BB support quite a number of times. They were too busy innovating, so all i got was a ‘Could not process your request’. But to ease the pain i did get a spam mail from someone(subject line Blackberry support) who by all possibility acquired my email id thru some means soon after i mailed BB.

    Follow the link to read the stupid mail !

  24. this is now my second 9930 and every one i have had has the same problem, my first one charged fine the first couple of times and then one night it completely died i left it charging over night and the next morning it wouldn’t turn back on and now this one isn’t accepting any charger i put in it not even the original blackberry charger it keeps saying that the device i pluged in can not charge the phone and for me to check it and try again im getting frustrated with this and ive had this fone for less than 4 months

  25. I suggest when all those happend to Your BB 9900 happened, just re-install the OS from Your computer/laptop. It will help ! Good Luck ! 😀

  26. Just got this phone, it turned on.. i turn it off.. then it wont even come back on? no red light or anything :s brand new aswell, fucking joke.

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