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Omega Advisors Investor Says New BBX OS “Will Surprise People”

I am not sure what to make of this latest statement by Leon Cooperman of Omega Advisors Inc Hedge Fund. His fund bought a 1.43 million share stake in RIM stock last quarter so he is obviously making a big bet here. Bloomberg got him on record saying some pretty interesting things:

“People think it’s a melting ice cube,” Cooperman, whose Omega Advisors Inc. hedge fund purchased a stake in RIM last quarter, said today in an interview. “We think the new operating system is going to surprise people” and that RIM is going to meet its projections.

That is a pretty solid investor for RIM. RIM has sometimes tipped its future hand showing off devices to key customers and even investors so it could be that Cooperman knows something we don’t or has seen the new BBX devices. It could be he is even talking about the rumored BBX powered BlackBerry London we saw yesterday.

What do you think?

BTW anybody else notice that the BlackBerry London dummy screenshot seems to be sporting the iTunes music logo?

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  1. at the least its comforting to have the investors go on record and of course they know something we dont. 🙂

  2. Ronen, I hear you about the itunesish logo, but, hasn’t this device been confirmed already by a few different sources as being legit?

  3. Excite a schadenfreude and watch it slobber

  4. I don’t put much stock in what he says. Most people don’t know a tenth as much about RIM than the users of berry review. I think he is just saying people think RIM is POS and this phone isn’t. However our expectations for it are much higher than regular folks.

    I’d kind like to be able to know the answer to: Other than BBM can this phone do anything the iPhone can’t? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never buy another Apple product, but unless RIM can get the blogosphere to say wow they will still face an up hill climb.

    As I posted in the forums, I’m a bit disappointed with the interface shown here. Yes RIM is business, but business people are buying the iPhone like crazy. I think RIM should have let TAT do more with the phone than it appears from this picture that that have.

    Even the time along the top looks like boring old RIM. BBX has the graphical capability to be beautiful, let it be so.

    • lol kiddo… that literally is a snap shot of album/song carousel which in itself t is pretty cool imo. In the end, I don’t think you can leap to any conclusions about the rest of the OS.

      As for your question about comparing iphone to BBX…. I think you just need to look at BBOS, it still does things better than iOS with respect to notifications and integration with social communication..

      I have heard from multiple people its hard to do mass communication with android/iOS as compared to BBOS

      If they can transfer that functionality to BBX, then thats great.

      lol… remember we are talking about PHONES. I think we have reached a limit to what phones can do themselves in their own right. Peripheral technology needs to catch up now.

      Take for example the RIM video about the future technology. That is where the future is. Using your phone in conjunction with other tech. iOS has started to tabble in that, same as Android.

      I think that is where the the QNX architecture shines above the rest. It gives, in theory, more expandability than iOS or Android. And securely.

      Thats what people are missing in the long run. BBX and QNX will not only allow RIM to recovery in the short term, but, also power ahead and grow in the long term.

      Despite the naysayers, RIM is not going out of business. They are still making record sales and are about to make a transition. Their international market (hello Indonesia!!) will cover their ass while they recover in North America.

      Given this, who do you think will be further ahead in 5 years. I think RIM has the capability to be the leader in 5 years with QNX integration into other markets

      • What you say is fine, except RIM does not execute on their capabilities. Hope you are right but I’m not buying RIM stock yet.

        If BBX works RIM might keep it’s corporate market due to security, although others are catching up. However, even in corporate RIM has to fight the “I want and iPhone” mentality. It needs either to wow with what it can do (and I don’t mean security) or it needs to look beautiful. I like the hardware in this picture but not the software.

        • Remember Kiddo, we are really only talking about the USA.

          Everyone else will come running back to BB.

          At has been proven time and time again that the American consumer public is VERY fickle.

          I am confident all RIM needs is a solid product and the American public will come back.

  5. I listen to investors like I listen to ANALysts! 😉

  6. What I want is for RIM to stop playing catch up and actually start giving us the future.

    Don’t tell me you are giving me OS7 Themes in mid 2012 if you are expecting BBX devices to be released in that timeframe. Concentrate on having themes available on BBX when it releases. Don’t give me 8 MP cameras if by the time you are planning to release there will be other phones with better cameras available. Don’t give me the same screen resolution as your over one year old tablet.

    But mostly, concentrate on your OS. Allow TAT to make wonders with it. Make it less static. LISTEN to what your consumers want and work on that.

    • beyond 8 MP, the MP become redundant… other factors come into play

      • That kind of thinking doesn’t cut it, and it doesn’t help RIM.

        Right nwo the perception of RIM is old and outdated. Stuff like having an outdated camera just reinforces the image which is incredibly damaging. I’m not saying 8MP is or will be outdated at the time of release, what I’m saying is RIM must know it needs to fight perceptions of being out of date.

        The way RIM is is like they will say if we put in a 10MP camaera we make less money per unit instead of thinking “if we can put out a phone that is cutting edge sales will sky rocket, we will break through the negative perceptions and even sell stuff like the PB because we will be cool again”

        Trying to optimize the profit on each handset unit is a mistake at this point in time.

        Furthermore if RIM comes in with low earning because or reduced handset profits but it’s phones are seen as cool, stock will rise because stock is about future earning not current earnings, as we see currently with RIM’s stock.

        • While I do agree specs are important to the public… they are not the be all and end all.

          Perfect example is Apple. They do NOT lead in specs and they are leading the industry.

          Opposite example, Motorola, leads the pack in specs and is floundering worse than RIM.

          Its not that simple

          RIM doesn’t need to be the industry leader to make a comeback.

          They need consistent products year after year to build a reputation of quality and performance. That is what Apple has done and thats why they are succesful, that and crazy marketing.

          I am not saying you are wrong. Clearly leading the pack in specs would not be a bad thing, but, in the end, this is a business and they need to make money!!!

          There has to be a balance.

          • Well, I think that one thing that RIM has actually done is being consistent with their products. They have maintained their lines Curve, Torch, Bold, etc., upgrading them year after year. Their quality and performance hasn’t being on the line because one way or another all the products they release work as advertised.

            The problem is that THAT is not enough now to gain market share and stay a float as a company who keeps their consumer interested and attracts new clients.

            Remember that right now all eyes are on RIM because of all the negativity that surrounds their products. As a business they have to understand what choices they have made and see which one works and which one doesn’t.

            Apple is the perfect example. Apple hasn’t segmented their market by giving us different models. They focus on one device per year with new upgrades, and those upgrades tend to be the latest tech at the time of release. People are buying iPhones like crazy. One product for one market.

            Right now, staying relevant in the market should be their priority. Gain market share and through that make money. They are doing excellent investments, QNX, TAT, etc. But at this point people aren’t caring in the slightest about any of that. In order for those investments to give fruits, your company still has to matter.

      • To be honest, Idk about camera, but my point is, push forward instead of playing catch up. Become relevant by innovating, by listening to what the market wants and apply that to your products.

        RIM has to make their products matter in order for them to be allowed to expand to new markets. For example, do you really think that people will buy bb’s only because they will, at some point be used with nfc technology to be a security device? No, but if the market sees this as an opportunity, others will follow, and others will be more likely to succeed since their products are being more well received than bb’s.

        I just rant a little because every time I read some news regarding RIM products, they seem to be playing catch up, instead of innovating.

  7. Absolutely, RIMM cannot rest on their laurels.They must continually improve their brand to not only keep up with the competition hardware wise (specs aren’t everything), but offer features and services the competition doesn’t offer. That and proper marketing will put RIMM back on top.

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