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Rumor: Leaked BlackBerry London Launching in Q3?

We just saw the first picture of the BBX (QNX) BlackBerry London phone today. The thing is when The Verge leaked it they had no way to confirm it was real and still don’t. Now the BoyGenius is reporting that their source has confirmed that the dummy device we saw today is actually a “real BlackBerry” and should launch as RIM’s first BBX smartphone. According to their source this device is supposed to launch in Q3 of 2012 possibly late Q3 since RIM has not been able to get BES or BBM working on BBX yet. It would be a real shame if RIM’s first BBX phone was only coming in Q3 especially considering the competition is not sitting still.

Who knows how much of this is rumor, fantasy, or speculation but isn’t this fun? 🙂

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  1. Wasnt a fan of the Porsche phone. But this, I like Just disappointed in the time frame of arrival.

  2. Here is my issue with the BGR Q3 thing….

    Why did it not come out until AFTER the leak?

    He said his “source” verified the leaked device was real and his “source” told him late Q3.

    Well why didn’t this “source” give him this info sooner.

    The leak today and his “sources” knowledge of a Q3 would not be linked and thus his “source” would have known the Q3 thing earlier

    BGR being BGR would not hesitate to drop such shitty RIM news….so again…… why did his “source” take until the leak to release the info…

    it doesn’t ad up….

    To me… Q3 sounds like a under promise, over deliver situation

    RIM clearly has shifted their strategy, staring at Devcon, of not god damn talking about things anymore.

  3. I hope this rumor is not true. RIMM needs to come of the gates running, especially with their dismal 2011 year. With the evolution of cell phone tech, if the BBX phone comes out in the 3rd quarter, it will already be outdated. By the way, wasn’t RIMM supposed to resolve the email issue for QNX by February 2012?
    I’ll take this rumor with a grain of salt, RIMM, no more delays!

  4. That is one ugly phone. More Buck Rogers than Samsung.
    bdabdabdabdabdab… (ok I’m aging myself).

  5. It almost looks like the bottom is detachable and the slanted parts from the top and bottom portions aren’t the same. Its almost like the bottom is a dock or something

  6. I could do without the silver, but still it looks good.

    As for the release date, I have been expecting it in Summer 2012 for almost 6 months now. July is Q3. (Although I don’t feel that is related to BES/BIS)

  7. I’d say this will be the first generation of the new BBX with bugs…
    I’ll kindly and patiently wait for the second generation the year after with my upgrade.
    Why? I need a keyboard. Shrinking the Playbook screen to a phone without a keyboard is no good for me so I’ll wait.
    P.S.: I like the phone and how it looks (if it’s real)

  8. A friend of mine just pointed it out but don’t you guys think its a bit fishy that the pictured device has what looks like the iTunes logo in it?

  9. Could be TAT just copied that.

    To me the graphics don’t look like big enough departure from existing RIM. I tell you if the Calendar and Memo etc, looks as boring as on OS7 and Playbook I’ll be very disappointed. I understand that RIM is corporate but NO ONE can prefer the RIM GUI over the iPhone. RIM has to make the GUI more beautiful. TAT can do it, RIM let TAT free. A “Euro” touch to the GUI would be great.

  10. I can’t work out how big this phone is supposed to be?

    What are the dimensions?

  11. Don’t believe all of the rumours. BES does work on it. And the final look?……. You’ll see…..

  12. That’s my point. BBX is all about software and all the challenges are software. There is no way that is final design given we are at least 6 months from release.

  13. Q2 2012 fiscal was this September. Q3 would be December.

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