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MobiHand Says They are “Committed to Developer Success” & “98% of Accounts are Current”

Mobihand Commitment

I have really been hoping that MobiHand would get in front of this issue and its nice to see them finally have a voice. Adriano just posted on their official Blog that they are “Committed to Developer Success.” Here are the highlights of what they had to say in what is turning into a he said she said type of drama:

  • MobiHand has until recent weeks paid every single developer on time (Except extremely rare and promptly corrected errors)
  • Right now around 98% of developer accounts are completely current
  • Of the accounts that are not current only a small number are older than a few days
  • MobiHand is committed to pay every single dollar owed to every single developer
  • MobiHand firmly believes that these payments will be completed and that MobiHand will become a more productive sales channel.

MobiHand goes on to ask developers to:

…disregard sensational, derogatory, and destructive comments made by a few developers who are inventing or exaggerating information about our company.  Without the developer community MobiHand could not exist.  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve and we ask that you continue with us to provide great products and responsive customer service through the next few months and in the years ahead.

I really want to give MobiHand the benefit of the doubt on this one. They have offered a much better system than App World for a very long time and have had a pretty solid track record. So much so that over the years we rebranded their store on BerryReview as an additional value to readers giving us the ability to do contests and giveaways.

On the other hand quite a few devs have contacted me over the last week or two expressing concerns that they are not getting paid. This includes quite a few high profile long time BlackBerry developers who tend to not be the sensationalist types. I really hope this all gets resolved very soon. We have tried reaching out to MobiHand multiple times without a response so for now we just have to wait and see.

Let us know if you have any updates!

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  1. Indeed, App World could learn something from Mobihand – like timely updates for instance. My concern is with BBX tablets/phones is that Mobihand will be kept from coming out with app for them and relegated to the older devices.

  2. Using percentages (i.e., “around 98% of developer accounts are completely current”) in a blog like this can be misleading. MobiHand has minimum payment threshold for developers of $100 US — I am guessing that the 2% unpaid are the ones that meet this minimum on a monthly basis. What is the average outstanding balance owed to unpaid developers?!? How many developers are affected? The fact that the leading devs (BellShare, Kisai Labs, etc) are pulling out left and right should definitely send a strong message to other developers, consumers, and MobiHand itself.

    Personally, I am appalled that the money paid to purchase apps is not reaching the people that write and test the apps, many of them working on the side to supplement a full time “day job”.

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