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Is This the First QNX BlackBerry? (Codename London)

First I want to say, like all other information about the BBX/QNX BlackBerry’s that this is purely speculation.  But it does look like if this is true, we could see some great hardware!  The looks are too much like the Porsche P9981 for my liking.  This device is suspected to have a TI-OMAP dual-core CPU running at 1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of on-board storage, dual camera’s 8MP rear and 2MP front facing. Codenamed London and is reportedly “thinner than the iPhone 4” and roughly the same size as a Samsung Galaxy SII.  No word on screen resolution, NFC or battery.

More will be added as it comes to the surface, and please remember this is all rumour mill and speculation at this point.

Source: The Verge

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  1. I personally am liking the design. I just hope they don’t lose the physical keyboard. I would personally like a horizontal sliding keyboard instead of the 9810 style vertical one. I am loving the bigger screen real estate.

  2. lol… the only about it that is like the 9981 is the grey.

    Color it any other color and boom you have a whole new device that is nothing like the 9981

    I can’t get over a 1.5 ghz dual core… thats insane

  3. not a big fan of the bottom part but i will buy it 🙂

  4. 1.5 ghz dual core!!!!

  5. another for the

    1.5 ghz Dual Core!!!!! 😀

  6. If this is the First QNX BlackBerry i love it!

  7. I hope RIM just calls it London, forget the numbers.

    BGR says Q3 that’s disappointing, but I don’t think I’ll get a new phone before next summer so suits me.

    • i refuse to believe something that polished will take 10 months to release.

      • really?
        you dont think like 3-5 months internal testing hardware and software, then a few months in carrier testing, then FCC crap can take up to 10 months?

        seems very reasonable to me, but we dont know their internal time lines.

        • yes indeed that seems a long time.

          They have already been doing internal testing for 2 or so months on test devices and hardware isn’t the issue here.

          Even based on your timeline you are missing 2-3 months!

          My faith in RIM has now been restored and I feel that they have transitioned into a under promise, over deliver.

          (I need to believe this lol)

          I don’t think anyone thought that this “London” leak would happen so soon after Devcon.

          As for BGR….I find it hard to understand how it took this leak for his “source” to tell him such huge news as a late Q3 launch…

          Wouldn’t his “source” have known this issue before? Its not like the leak brought the info to the source….

          doesn’t make sense

  8. Love the design. Looks similar to the waterfalls design of the 9850/9860 – hope they have a black version. I hope they include 2 convienance keys or incorporate right/left swipe gestures that simulate it.

  9. Don’t like the design and don’t like touch screen phones guess I will end my love for the blackberry after my 9700 dies and just not renew my contract blackberry you will be missed

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