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RIM Confirms BBX Phones Will Look Like PlayBook – Similar Resolution


We told you last month that the first wave of upcoming BBX phones would have the same pixel density as the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now we have more confirmation of that fact from PC Mag which interviewed Alec Saunders of RIM this week. Alec confirmed that the first BBX phones would have the same screen resolution and pixel density as the PlayBook. Namely 16:9 ratio and 1024×600 resolution which is an unusual resolution for a phone. On the other hand this will make it much easier for apps to immediately work on the BBX phones.

On the other hand Alec also mentioned that BBX also has the ability to upload multiple dimension graphics which hopefully means it can support different resolutions and aspect ratios. Alec also confirmed that the BBX phones would have all the features of the PlayBook at launch including the addition of BES support and native email.

We also got a chance to sit down with Alec this week so we will have more for you later!

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  1. Having looked at the iPhone 4 over the past week or so, all I can say is I hope the GUI is a lot better than what is on the PB and even 2.0. I don’t think RIM’s GUI on the PB is up to snuff compared to Apple.

  2. Honestly, that will make things easier. I might start bumping up the text size on some of my tablet apps.

  3. RIM’s GUI has lacked multiple features and settings that both the Iphone and Droid have offered. RIM needs a GUI upgrade and a Browser upgrade. way to much attention on the playbook which we know hasn’t done well in the market. RIM is still a powerful player in the market and hopefully with the GUI upgrade we will start to see more and more improvements done by RIM.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the PB resolution is 1024×600, not 1024×768.. Just an FYI…

  5. This new BBX phone is a big disappointment for me.
    I keep my BB as my primary phone because of its keyboard, autotext and security features.
    If that new phone is anything like the PlayBook, it will be just another toy. I’m not sure RIM is ready to take on Apple and Android with their offering. They need to focus on their core customers, both large corporations and teenagers in developing countries.

  6. Oftur, give the new BBX phone a chance. There are reasons that the new BBX phone will be all touch and will succeed.

    – The QNX software is optimized for touch/swipe bezel gestures – virtual keyboard is also very responsive.

    – To attract new customers/bring old customers back, they needed to come out with a new design and new software that can compete with Android/Apple in the multimedia arena.

    – The “Highlander” update will combine the best of Blackberry and QNX.

    – I believe that other form factors – Qwerty touch, slider will be coming out shortly after.

    Based on the information released so far, I think the new BBX phone can compete with Android/Apple phones, especially with TAT on board tweaking the UI.

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